Wayward the Bizarre

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This is a dream. It’s only a dream. When I wake up, though, I’ll find ways to figure out why I had this particular dream and what it means to me. So here it goes:

I remember being in a hallway. Possibly in a church of some sort. I saw two people, both whom I know very well in real life. Someone was lying on a wooden table in the middle of the spacious hallway and I wondered what they were doing. The man lying on the table was dressed in white, had a beard, and shoulder length hair. I suddenly knew who it was: it was Jesus.

One of the people I knew was doing a cleansing on Jesus. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. The other person I knew was near Jesus’ head, helping out. The man doing the cleansing, we’ll call him Bro, didn’t complete the cleansing for some reason. I was about to speak up when Jesus got up off the table and looked at me. He smiled. Words can’t explain how I felt about that. I still wanted to speak up and say the cleansing wasn’t complete, but I was speechless in front of Him.

Anyway, Jesus shook hands with Bro and the other guy. Then Bro’s daughter came in, wearing a very short, form-hugging black and white dress. It was inappropriate. Bro chastised her. She didn’t know why until she saw Jesus. Jesus just looked at her. He didn’t say all that much throughout this dream. Anyway, the daughter left and me, Bro, Jesus, and the other guy walked outside. We were in a desert. In front of me were two warriors. They were getting ready to fight. The other guy was with me, watching. It was hot but we were used to it. I told the other guy what was going on. Around the time the warriors started fighting, the sky clouded over with heavy, black clouds. I wanted to see the storm; I love storms. But Jesus came out that time and willed the storm away. The warriors disappeared as well. I don’t know where they went, but one of them left a sword that the other guy who was with me, picked up and looked at it. I thought it was cool-looking. All of a sudden, the other guy had black blood that looked a little like pudding, coming out the corner of his mouth. He ended up in a hospital. All he did was pick up a sword and looked at it.

I went to the make-shift hospital. I knew the other guy was in there, just didn’t know because all the “health risks” were covered. My family was there, I guess to comfort me. My sister came as well and I told her what was going on. My family tried comforting me like the other guy was dead. I didn’t believe it. All because he picked up a sword to look at?

I went back to the desert and noticed it wasn’t there. Only a run-down building. I was waiting for an art bus. People into art were smart. So when one came, a girl came off the bus. I asked her where the place was and she changed the topic. I told her that I seriously need to find Jesus. She told me to go to church. I walked off. Then woke up.

To me, this dream seems to mean that not all the good things are as they seem. That I feel that I’m being punished for something that I’m not guilty for. Like the slightest infraction results in death. That everyone is so happy-go-lucky that you do something slightly wrong, like accidentally say, “My ass,” you die. It could also mean that who I think Jesus is, is not. I don’t know why, but if that confuses you, don’t worry. It confuses me too.

To conclude, I have some real life issues to resolve. Hopefully without use of tissues.



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