Weekly Ghost Dream

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I ended up in my fifth grade class. My teacher said, “Okay, then, we’re all playing hide’n’ go seek.” We all hid. She was counting, so I hid under a table downstairs. There was a kid of the check-in lady who had a flashlight and shined it in my eyes. He said, “Mommy, is there somebody under that table because I see big brown eyes.” I signaled the kid to keep quiet, then he set the flashlight on the floor so the light was shining up and there was a shadow of a cartoon character. I went out of my hiding spot and said, “THERE, THERE HE IS!” The ghost backed up as I said it and ran, then he went into my cousin’s body and said to me, “The Blue Garbage Can Remember? The B.L.U.E. garbage can!” He took me outside, hanging me by the left ankle, and threw me into a blue garbage can.



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