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Weird dream

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I really do enjoy watching movies based on true stories. I just admire them people a whole lot more than it just being an actor. I was watching the movie "Ray" last night. and i've seen it lots of times before. As soon as it was over I shut the TV off and went to bed. I was falling asleep when all of a sudden i get awakened by this dark complected man talking to me. I wasn't fully asleep yet so I know it wasn't a dream. I don't remember what he said but i do remember hiim saying a sentence and it was so loud and so clear that i opened my eyes and i mumbled "I heard you" And i remember thinking to myself, wow that was real load and clear. And I dosed back into sleep. Now, then i am not fully asleep but i can tell my body was getting ready to travel. I remember the time was flying by me so fast that i was saying there goes morning, noon, and there comes night and i looked at the time and i had only been asleep for about 45 minutes.It was like i was not in my body yet i had my eyes wide open and kept looking at the wall. I remember thinking to myself for a split second there, this is not normal but it's o.k. it happened what seemed to be for about a minute or two but i'm not quite sure. I know my body travels while im asleep and i honestly think this was a perfect example of me remembering a small piece of it. Cause it was like i couldn't phsically move but i was everywhere.


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