Weird, Scary, Confusing?

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Ok, first of all, I’m not really sure if this is where I’m supposed to write down my dream but anyway, last night I had a dream. Not only was it a dream,  it was also a nightmare. It halfway scared the living crap out of me.
And I’m not really sure if I can remember it all and be able to put it all together, but I’ll try my best. Oh and if you know what it means, then could you please tell me? Thanks.

So, let’s start. My teacher in real life can’t walk—he has a wheelchair—and in my dream he was there, but he was trying to kill me. Or maybe it was someone I don’t know but anyways, there was a dude in a wheelchair and he tried to kill me, but before he tried to kill me, he tried to kill this little girl. I didn’t want him to, but I couldn’t stop him or something. Later, the little girl had gone and I didn’t know where she went. So the dude tried to kill me and I was running away from him. Somehow the scene I’m about to tell you is probably before or after the killing scene, but I’ll get back to the killing part.

I was walking down the stairs outside with my friend. I’m not sure who but there was a pool next to me. That’s all I wanted to mention. I ran up to my room and got my phone and called 911, but in my dream I accidently pushed in 999, so I deleted it and then I pushed in 991. Of course, that’s not the right number, but it was the right number in my dream. The lady police officer picked up and I whispered over the phone what was happening … but suddenly I was in a car going to the hospital and my dad was driving. I don’t know why but that just suddenly happened and if I can remember, I think that there was traffic. So then I just popped into somewhere else. There were these bad people in the cars and I was sneaking away from them and I was in the driveway or something. I don’t know but I went in this place or building and there was party music and stuff and I was like going to the party all of a sudden. Then, of course, I popped into somewhere else and I was at this house or a room. My dad, mom, and my brother were there and this little girl knocked on the door and asked something or whatever. I think that I was the one to answer the door but my dad or mom or me or whatever told her to go or something. Then later my parents were telling me to walk home with all this stuff to carry or whatever but I really didn’t want walk home, so we like all went to this gas station and my dad bought this car refresh thing-y and some other stuff.

We were supposed to go home but again, I popped into somewhere else but this time I was at this house with these other people. Maybe they were my friends; I’m not really sure but there was a TV there. Twilight (the movie) was on and on the other side of the room was a coffin but I don’t think anyone or anything was in it. Then one of my friends could tell the future and she said that we had to go to the bathroom because we were not safe.

We all went to the bathroom but I don’t think there was anything in the bathroom. I didn’t see a toilet or anything but I do think that I saw a sink or something but there was something that I definitely remember—there was a clock. This girl’s head popped out and was looking for us; we had to be all quiet and she had this really mad and fierce look on her face. Then all of a sudden—let me explain first so you don’t get confused—you know that thing in your dream where you’re not really there but you can see everything? Well it was like that in the next scene I’m bout to tell you.

This girl was sitting down on a chair in the middle of this really small room. She was in this white dress but her arms had been ripped off. They were on the floor but instead of blood, it was black gooey stuff. Then I woke up. It was around 5 a.m. and I went to my parents room because I was so scared and freaked out. Oh, when the dude tried to kill the little girl— in my dream, I think—she was my sister. But my sister in real life is with my grandparents in Korea. I miss her a lot. Her old babysitter visited our house and brought the photos that were taken of her and her brother at daycare. So, yeah, that’s about it. It would be awesome if someone could tell me what my dreams mean! Thanks!


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