Weird Wanderings and Raw Meat

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I was wandering though an old, huge building with my oldest child and youngest child. We went into what we thought was our apartment building to discover a warehouse under it. On exploration, we found a deep freezer and took out a package of steaks. I ate a piece of raw beef, and held it in my mouth as it swelled.

My kids went back up to find our apartment. I ran into an older woman (dark brown/black hair), down in the warehouse. We spoke of the place, what it was where we were, and she also took a package of steak from the freezer. Then we came across chocolate muffins in big boxes, we debated on having some. We didn’t feel a sense of guilt for wanting them so we took a package each. I went back outside and wandered into an old abandoned apartment complex I used to live in, on the way around there I stopped at a door and asked for an old friend I haven’t seen in years. I was told basically to go away even though I knew she was there.

So I wandered further and came across my ex-husband, as we entered another old apartment, and we proceeded to gather old things of ours like lamps and artwork our children made when they were small and such. Winding the cords, taking down pictures, and wondering why it was all still there to begin with.

Very odd dream.


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