What Dreams May Come ...

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I recently discovered that the man I loved did not fully love me. Devastated, I turned to one of my closest friends. She suggested that we go spend a night at her camp forty-five minutes away, so, reluctantly, I went.

The weather was perfect, and I found peace with nature. However, the full moon above was ominous. That night I dreamed of New Orleans, only it didn’t resemble New Orleans, I just knew it to be true. In my dream, I vividly remember walking outside from a bar and my car not being where I had parked it. I yelled, “Who the hell stole my car!?”

A rather inauspicious lady approached me. She was African American, tall, and full figured, and she was dressed very lax and careless. She said, “I stole your car; it’s right there,” and pointed to it. Then she said, “I don’t want it anymore, so I brought it back,” and she handed me my keys. I noticed the car was parked in a different spot than I had previously parked it in, so I asked, “Did you mess it up?” “It’s a little jacked up,” she replied, and pointed to the left front tire, which was a flat spare tire, or doughnut.

I don’t remember actually driving the car, but the next thing I knew I was in some kind of antique shop that sold fine things. For some reason I pulled out an engagement ring (this ring was supposed to be the one from an actual relationship that took place many, many years ago, and I split up with the man who gave it to me and we were never married). I noticed the ring was missing all of the stones.

Out of nowhere, the black lady mentioned previously said, “I took them,” and she poured out a bag of diamonds in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then she said, “Take only what is yours.” So I began stuffing diamonds in the empty holes of my ring. After the holes were filled, I kept grabbing more of them.

I noticed an unusually large one, and I asked the shopkeeper what she thought of it (interestingly enough, the shopkeeper had witnessed the whole diamond-stuffing scene and kept her distance). The shopkeeper took one look at the diamond and said, “That is not the real thing.” So I lifted up something that resembled a shell but was a translucent, opal color, and I asked the shopkeeper, “What about this one?” She replied, “That one must be real; those are supposed to be that color.”

So I took, or rather stole, the supposed shell. After this was a series of frustrating events where I was unable to access my car and had to walk everywhere. At the end of the dream, or what I presumed to be the end, the black lady pointed me in the direction of my car; when I finally got to the car, I put the key in the ignition and it wouldn’t start.

Then I woke up with a tremendous feeling of loss and doom. I never went back to sleep.

My interpretation of the dream took time for me to accept. The diamonds to me symbolized recognition from a higher power, but the fact that I was openly stealing them meant that I am greedy and want things to happen too quickly and superficially.

The car in my dream was a navy blue 2008 Honda Accord (exactly like my car); it symbolized, to me, a failure of a relationship. And the frustration of trying to obtain it directly reflects my attempts to fix things in my failed relationship.

This was a hard pill to swallow, but I feel like the dream offered truth and clarity. One aspect of the dream I’m having trouble understanding is the black lady and the role she played. I never once scolded her directly in my dream; my payback was apparently thievery.


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