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Which Way to Go?

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My dream started off in the house I grew up in as a child. My children and my nephew were lying on the floor in front of the television, coloring, laughing, and watching cartoons. I was in the front room when I got this feeling of panic that came over me.

I looked over my right shoulder at the back sliding glass door and it was beautiful outside; the bright sun was shining, birds were singing, and I could even smell the freshly cut grass. Then in slow motion, I look toward the front door and there was a storm that was going on outside of epic proportions—grey and black sky, a twister that was tearing up chunks of concrete, throwing cars and houses around like nothing. My first thought was to protect my kids and my nephew, but then I quickly realized they were oblivious to what was going on outside and I remember thinking, it’s my storm and not theirs.

They will be okay. But instead of running toward the back door, I ran toward the storm. I awoke before I actually made it outside. That’s the end; it seems pretty straightforward on the interpretation if you ask me … just thought I would share it with you!


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