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Who Is the Demon Inside Me?

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I used to have this dream … actually it was nightmare. It would come and go throughout my life, and sometimes it would have different people from my real life in it. The only thing that was a constant was that I could not wake up. In the beginning, it would start out with someone I knew being possessed by some evil being. I would try to get away from him/her and not listen to what he/she was saying, but even in real life I could not wake up. I had a heavy feeling on my chest, like I was being held down by whatever it was. Then it progressed into me being the one who was possessed, the same heavy feeling, and me being unable to wake myself up. It seemed like it would go on forever. I would argue with the demon inside of me like a constant power struggle. When I would finally wake up, terrified and breathing heavy, I would be afraid to go back to sleep. I would leave the room and have to sleep on the couch for the rest of the night.


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