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Why Do We Dream?

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Dreams are artistic creations that have a symbolic meaning. They are produced by the unconscious mind that works like a natural doctor. It uses dream symbols in order to send important messages to our conscience. These symbols contain information and precious guidance, which protect the human side of our conscience from the anti-conscience, our primitive and wild conscience. Therefore, we dream because the dream messages protect our mental stability, and our sensitivity.

The anti-conscience is a very powerful enemy that keeps trying to control our behavior. When it does, we become violent and cruel. The unconscious mind keeps trying to prevent this tragic end, helping us develop the positive characteristics of our personality. The fight between evilness (anti-conscience) and goodness (unconscious mind) is a constant battle in our psychological make-up.

Our human conscience is the target of the anti-conscience’s attacks, and the aim of the unconscious psychotherapy is to prevent it from happening. The evil anti-conscience wants to destroy our human conscience and take its place, while the unconscious mind tries to help our human conscience evolve, and become stronger than our wild side.

The mysterious aspect of dreams is a camouflage that tries to mislead the dangerous anti-conscience, which must not understand the unconscious messages. We can study the symbolic dream language in order to understand these messages, but the anti-conscience will never manage to do the same because its intelligence is limited.

Another reason why the unconscious mind has to send us information in a symbolic form is the fact that our ego doesn’t accept criticism. The mysterious dream images usually reflect our behavior; showing us the mistakes we are making through a representation. We need the mysterious atmosphere of the dream images because we cannot verify that we are wrong in a certain aspect of our lives without feeling revolted.

We have to understand how negative our behavior is without having a self-defensive reaction. Thus, the unconscious mind uses its artistic talent, showing us in an intriguing form the things that we don’t want to admit.

When we translate the dream language into simple words that we can understand, we accept the unconscious criticism without becoming angry. We verify and understand that we are not being condemned for making mistakes, but that the unconscious wisdom is opening our eyes.

When the unconscious logic is comprehended, all the mystery disappears. The confused dream images become known dream symbols. Everyone feels relieved for having the unconscious protection in their own dreams; everyone understands how privileged they are for mastering the symbolic dream language.


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