Woke Me Up, Scared to Death

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It’s 0430 hours. I just woke up terrified and ran out of my bed to make sure my daughter was okay. I was breathing so hard I accidently woke her up. Tears are just running down my face. I ran to the bathroom. I thought I was going to throw up, I was breathing so hard. I can to my home office to Google information on why I just had this terrible dream. A nightmare at thirty-three? Who does this?! So Google directed me here.

I don’t really know anything about this Web site, but I’m sure just writing this will help me just get it off my chest. I’m not sure how this dream started. All I can remember from the dream is that I was returning home from work. Nobody would tell me where my daughter was. (She is ten and the oldest of three.) Finally, after looking for her, my husband told me that she had passed away in the hospital after routine surgery. The next thing I knew I was at her school telling her friends and teachers, and in the dream this was all happening fast … very fast, because the next thing I knew, I was in church and I could actually smell the flowers. And there she was in a casket.

I remember seeing her dress but not her face, and I woke up … just crying and shaking. Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest fear is that my children will die before me. What does this dream mean? I’m honestly sick over it. I of course know that my daughter doesn’t need any surgery at the moment. I don’t travel for my job, so obviously, if something like this happened (her needing surgery), I would be right there through the whole thing. I adore my daughter; she’s an incredible student in all AP classes and is a terrific child. Very energetic and happy, supper sunny disposition, and is all around a great person. If anyone has any insight, please share … I’m nauseated over this. I know it’s just a dream … but still.


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