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Woman with a Spear

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I had a dream that I was at my ex wife’s house; she does daycare and one of the parents came in and goes to put her soda on the coffee table and it misses and falls on the carpet. My ex looks at her and says sarcastically, “Oh that’s no big deal.” Then the dream switches and we are going to the hospital because something was wrong with one of the daycare kids. The kid had gotten sick at home and we were going to meet the parents at the hospital. We got in her van and I told her I didn’t think she should be driving because she had been drinking. She just looked at me and started driving forward and almost ran into the car in front of us. She swerved to the right and went over a sidewalk into the parking lot of a repair shop and made a quick left into an alley.

As we were driving towards the end of the alley (it has a “T” intersection), there is a house directly in front of us. A lady comes out of the garage and she has a long spear in her hand. My ex didn’t slow or alter her course. The lady threw the spear and it went right through the windshield in the middle and hit someone setting in the back of the van: an older Asian man. It hit him right in the chest. Then we were at the hospital and the Asian man was on the ground next to a wall on the outside of the hospital and said something I couldn’t make out. Then my ex was in the hospital talking to the parents and I stayed outside and my golden retriever came over to me and was leaning on me and I was rubbing his belly. (My dog passed away several years ago of old age.) Then my dog looked at me and I knew he was telling me he was going to walk home, that he knew the way—then he got up and walked away.

At that point, I started walking in through the ER and I saw two babies that the doctors were working on. One of the babies was big and they had him lying on his side on a stainless steel table and were operating on his stomach. The doctor was operating on him through a hole in the wall. The baby was squirming around quite a bit. Then I was holding the same baby and he was telling me that it hurts and I was telling him, “It’s OK, I’ll take care of you,”… Then my dream was interrupted and I woke up.


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