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Echinacea Saves the Day

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It’s flu season. Everyone gets sick. Is it really inevitable to avoid getting a cold or a flu? While other people swear by Cold-FX, I swear by echinacea. I didn’t even know it existed before I was over at my neighbor’s place. She was drinking this water mixed with something and I asked her what it was. She said that she’s mixed these echinacea drops into water and by drinking it a few times a day, it helps with her cold. Once I got home, I got pretty curious so I did some research. Echinacea is this purple flower, and its extract helps in the treatment of upper respriatory tract infections.

Just like Cold-FX, there are critics out there that say that it doesn’t work. I find it helps with prevention. It’s been a few years that I take echinacea during winter on a regular basis. Before then, I used to get sick every season but now I rarely do. Instead of drinking though, I prefer it in pill form, like these Jamieson ones.


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