Ending My Disease

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Why is this becoming a new deadly trend? Trust me I know what everyone is going through. I am a recovering bulimic. I can’t wait until I’m fully recovered. It may take months, years. Whatever I’m just gonna stick through it. I haven’t purged in about two weeks. But so what? At least I’m fighting this ED. I was really starting to hit rock bottom. It’s really a nasty thing to do to yourself. I’m loving life about now. Why screw it up. It takes steps to do it but it’s gonna be all worth it in the end. I love my mom and sister, friends it hurts them to … I went to a counselor about two to three weeks ago. She woke me up. Saying I can die over my toilet bowl. You find that cute??? Nooooo. So I’m just thinking all positive things in my head to keep me going. Eating healthier, working out. I mean I’m still skinny but … Not as torn up inside.

Just seeing myself reading all these articles makes me highly upset to know a lot of you are not trying at all. You’re on the edge to die people??! Like how can you throw up thirteen times a day. That’s fucking cruel. Excuse my language but it’s NASTY! But in the end were all gonna learn the hard way.

I’m not being a hypocrite at all if any of you are thinking so. Believe me I used to be pretty bad.

It gives you cavities, hurts your throat, headaches, red eyes, tired, moody! Sounds BORING. I’m just speaking the truth that’s all.

But I will be writing soon again, to give an update when I’m fully recovered. If this got into anyone’s head … kill the ED … RELAX. You’ll feel a whole lot better.

Thanks and good luck.


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