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Finally on Pain Management Medications

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Earlier this week I went to see my primary care physician. Up to this point he had me on alternative medications for stress headaches and nerve pain. Nortriptylin for the headaches and Lyrica for the nerve pain. What was interesting about the first medication is I was waking up every morning with a headache—counterproductive, right? I know! And the second medication was making no difference at all in the pain I was feeling.

I told him as much, let him know what was going on with the medications, and he finally acquiesced and prescribed two new medications for me. The first one is Tramadol, which is an analgesic and is actually helping me feel better. However, one of the side effects in anorexia—loss of appetite. I love food way too much to make myself throw-up, and with my fistula and abscess, the last thing I want to be doing is puking. I’m hoping this side affect stays with me because I’m losing weight, but not at an alarming rate, and I’m not worried about it. I need to lose weight anyway, and I’ve already lost some since I first got sick back in September. It’s taken time (five months, at least). Yes, I finally let the nurse weigh me at this last visit because I was curious to know what I weighed.

The second medication he prescribed in Gabapendin, which is for nerve pain. A side effect of this medication is, sadly, headaches—which I am currently suffering from … ick. I don’t like having headaches, but the nice thing is, they resolve on their own anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour without me having to take anything. So, it’s not so bad. I guess I’m going to have to put up with the headaches and hope that by the time I have ramped up to the 300 mg of this medication, my body will have adjusted and the headaches will no longer be an issue.

Life for me is better now that the pain is lessening, and I like being able to sleep through the night without the excruciating pain I’ve been experiencing for fourteen months! The first night I took my pain meds I felt no pain and it was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt sleeping and realizing there wasn’t any pain keeping me awake.

I had scheduled an appointment with a pain doctor before I went to see my primary care physician, in the hopes that they would be able to relate to my pain and give me what I was requesting. However, when my primary care physician finally acquiesced, I immediately canceled the appointment and thanked the good Lord above.

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