Got a Sleeping Pill? Waiting for Medical Test Results

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For the record, it was still plenty sunny when I left the radiology office where I had my PET scan on Wednesday morning. So I had expected I’d get the results of my fourth and final scan of 2008 before the docs headed home for Yom Kippur. But when no one had called by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, I called my oncologist’s office for the results. Unfortunately, everyone was gone. “Call back tomorrow and we’ll see if we can find out,” the office manager advised.

That night, I took a sleeping pill.

The next day, I called the office, but most everyone was out for the holiday. So I kept very, very busy shooting videos for Uba TV, coaching soccer and hanging out with my kids, who had off from school. Nobody called me with my results.

That night, I took a sleeping pill.

By Friday morning, I was a wreck. I kept trying to push out of my head that my odds of recurrence are 25 percent in the first year. “Not bad,” said a friend of mine. I replied, “Somehow if I told you that you had a one in four chance of getting cancer this year, you wouldn’t think not bad.

This was my last scan before my one-year of remission mark on November 9. After that, my odds of recurrence drop, and my scans are spaced four months apart, instead of three.

I called my oncologist’s office, but found out he’d be on vacation until Tuesday, when I had an appointment to see him. “He’ll let you know then,” his secretary informed me. I told her to have one of the other doctors call me, because there was no way I’d wait another four nights. Besides, I was out of sleeping pills.

I waited an hour, but no one called. So I called the other doctor’s secretary and left a message. A half-hour later, I couldn’t concentrate anymore, so I called my oncologist on his cell phone. Within minutes, someone from his office called with the news: “Your PET scan was all clear.” Then my oncologist called with the same news. I told him I’d see him Tuesday, but he replied, “You can cancel that. I don’t need to see you. You’re a healthy person.”

That night, I slept like a rock.

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