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Apocalypse Now (Part 2)

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The next morning we heard the news: There had been a shooting in Seattle—five people shot—just as we had predicted six hours earlier. Our friend from Seattle, Shavawn, called us to report the news; she had listened to our millennium predictions the night before. We felt uneasy. What else would happen?

Eight hundred people called us during the week following that radio appearance, most of whom booked readings with us. Some of the callers have since become our most regular clients, and many have become friends. But we were unprepared for the volume of calls. This was the biggest appearance to date. We had to hire a girlfriend to return calls and help us to book the readings. We became so busy we did not have much time to ponder which of our other predictions would come to pass.

But during the weeks just prior to Sept. 11, 2001, both of us had the heaviest sense of foreboding, a gut feeling that something huge was about to happen that would forever alter the path of our lives. Still, even our psychic gifts could not prepare us for the magnitude of the events that would transpire. We will never forget the eerie, disquieting feeling we had on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The phone rang early. Too early. Terry dragged herself out of bed. It was our friend Susan. “Turn on the news!” Susan screamed. “The World Trade Center is on fire!”

We watched as the first tower went down in the billowing smoke. Terry replied, “Susan, we predicted this on the radio, back in 1999.”

“They said on TV that they think it was an accident,” Susan replied. Linda had picked up the extension phone. “It’s no accident, it’s Bin Laden,” she said. “It’s terrorism.”

Susan gasped in disbelief. The second tower fell minutes later. Tears streamed down our faces and we watched in horror as our prophecy came true. We learned later that we were the only psychics who had publicly predicted the biggest terrorist attack in history. The proof is on tape.

We felt a complex mixture of every kind of emotion, ranging from grief and rage to absolute horror. On one level we were completely distraught, not only by the horrifying spectacle we were witnessing along with the rest of the world, but by the shock of seeing our most earth-shaking prediction come true. We also felt great pain on a personal level, because of our connection with the towers and the people of New York. Were any of our friends in those buildings? Were our friends in New York going to be safe?

In the ensuing days, word of our prophecy spread over the Internet. A producer from Larry King Live flew in from Atlanta to interview us. Strangers were calling in—they had saved our phone number from the Art Bell Show interview—exclaiming that they had heard us on the show, and remembered what we had said about the New York World Trade Center attack. Some people called to inform us that the FBI had shut down their websites because our predictions were posted on them.

Horrified, we ran to our computer and punched in our website domain name: “ACCESS DENIED” flashed up on the screen. Our site had been shut down. We felt numb with fear. We believe it was the FBI. Would we be investigated? Was our phone being tapped? How far would they go? All kinds of crazy thoughts raced through our heads. It wasn’t like there was anybody we could call for advice. Who in the world ever had this kind of experience?

That same week, astrologer Terry Guardino invited us on his astrology TV show to talk about our predictions. During the taping of that show, we predicted the date that the United States would declare war on Afghanistan: Oct. 7, 2001. On that very day, our military launched its first strikes on Afghanistan in Kabul, Kandahar, and Jalalabad.

In the weeks following the events of 9/11, many people questioned us about the prophecy. How in the world did you know? How does your information come through? Do you always write your predictions? Did you both write identical information? How did you feel when it actually happened? Most frequently we heard people ask, what else is coming?

We felt a responsibility to inform the public about coming events, and more importantly, to comfort people and put them at ease. So many were in utter terror, insane with panic. Some of our friends living in New York had lost many loved ones in the Towers and were completely devastated. They called us in hysterics, and we spent hours consoling them. The event had caused unimaginable suffering all across the country, and we were picking up the pieces, helping them to get a sense of power and control back in their lives. Many were consumed with thoughts of revenge, others by fear of another possible attack. Counseling others was the one powerful way that we could get through our own grief, and it kept us grounded in the midst of all the chaos.

We spent the next days and weeks channeling higher communication on future events— from bio-weapons to the war in Afghanistan. Friends in Los Angeles were buying gas masks for their young children and stocking up on supplies. They asked us, would the water supply be poisoned? Would their children be safe? Would their relatives be safe if they flew anywhere? Could the country be obliterated? How many terror cells were there? No one felt safe. Airline attendants called us to find out if their jobs were secure. Thousands of airline workers were laid off. We had made the prediction that United Airlines would go bankrupt in the final months of 2002, which ultimately did happen. We were as enraged as the clients and loved ones we counseled. Why had the government missed this blatant attack? The best agents in U.S. intelligence did not respond, despite warnings, signs, predictions. We felt that thousands of people had died because our government had ignored warnings and failed to protect them.

As spiritual teachers, we tried to get people to look at the tragic events from a larger perspective, which seemed almost impossible in the wake of such devastation. We wanted to help them find in this tragedy an opportunity for healing and human awakening. In subsequent months, we noticed that the incident had altered the way Americans felt about themselves, their country and their relationship with the rest of the world. Ram Dass, the spiritual teacher, once said that suffering forces confrontation. The people of the world, especially in America, now needed to face their darkest fears, their deepest negativity, on a profound level. As horrific as this event was, it served as a profound karmic lesson we could not have learned any other way.

We feel everyone can benefit from the self-reflection frightening events provoke. However, we still feel compelled to share our predictions, even if only as warnings of potential destruction. It is our belief these prophetic disclosures from an unseen plane come through us so that we can potentially help people avoid more pain and suffering. As human beings, we are awakening from a long, deep sleep. September 11 was an opportunity to respond nonviolently to raise the consciousness and healing of our planet. We believe it was to teach us to make choices out of love and compassion rather than from a place of judgment, blame, control, and revenge.

The ancient civilization of Atlantis was considered to be something of an Eden on Earth, according to Plato. The Atlanteans became decadent and arrogant, which led to their ultimate destruction. Cataclysms of earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanoes rocked the once Utopian society. We are facing similar events, in light of the tsunami in 2004, which has destroyed the lives of so many people. (Linda had recurring nightmares about the tsunami for years leading up to it). In Buddhism, there is a principle called esho funi, which means the oneness of man and his environment. It means that our outer world reflects our innermost feelings and emotions. Native American Indians believe this too, that respecting each other and the planet will reflect in a healthy Earth, and peace among its peoples. A life out of balance will create a planet out of balance. The essence of Gandhi’s teachings was fearlessness. In the midst of enormous adversity, he faced everyone, including his enemies, with courage and love. We hope that 9/11 allows us all to rediscover our humanity and to choose love instead of fear.

We feel our work as psychics and artists serves to help people along that higher path. Sometimes just the right encouraging words or an insightful missing piece of information about themselves or others is all someone needs to bring understanding, peace and renewal to their lives. One might think that having psychic gifts has made our own lives easy. While we enjoy a deeply spiritual richness of heart, we have still encountered great obstacles and problems in every area of our lives. In that way, we are no different than you are, dear reader. But we do feel that in the process of facing our severe adversities while never giving up on our dreams, we discovered our true calling to be an open channel of healing for others. In the following chapters, we will share with you our story: from the mundane to the bizarre, from the heights of happiness to the depths of almost-fatal illness. We will also reveal how we have come to be known as “The Psychic Twins” and what it is like to live a life with heightened sight.

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