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Astrological Forecast for the Coming Quarter: Summer Solstice 2008

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Astrological Forecast for the Coming Quarter: Summer Solstice 2008

Here we are at the summer solstice, the peak of the year with the sun at its highest position in the sky. The solstice chart for the capital gives us the pulse for the country and an indication of the tone of the next three months.

Summary of the nation’s pulse:
Women continue to communicate effectively to achieve their aim. Expansion and growth is in order to improve the USA’s image. Domestic and security issues are still at the forefront. The economy looks better than we might think, as it shows an opportunity to analyze and capitalize on the urge to transform our resources. Additionally, compromise, diplomacy, and peace are shown to be highly desired, but potentially challenged by the dark forces that control our nation. It doesn’t seem that our military forces get a break just yet. More losses and deception lurk in the path of our nation.

On a positive sign, the time has come for a transformation of some of our domestic concern and policies. Topics that will be of focus during this next quarter are represented by the Moon: the common people, all food and alimentation, water, public commodities, the environment, child care, domestic affairs, emotions in general, women, the female principle, habits and all that is related to the subconscious mind.

As Americans, we are called to renew ourselves, to reconsider what we value and care about. The common good is being favored over the good for the few, however not without a fight. The need for a clean and viable environment is the most obvious expression of this fight. In addition, the evolutionary path of our country’s domestic affairs is at a point of healing and compassion. The fact that our Democratic presidential candidate is of African descent inspires and engages a large portion of the population and is the compelling manifestation of the transformation we are entering. Furthermore, California’s recognition of same sex marriage is a progressive expression of a domestic issue that has been in need of revision in order to insure equal rights to all people.

To find out about the detailed astrological indicators that lead me to the above interpretations, please read on.

Astro jargon explanation:
Jupiter rules the solstice chart, as Sagittarius is rising—just as in the Natal Sibly USA chart. Symbol of expansion and growth, Jupiter conjoins (is placed next to) the Moon. Domestic affairs are at the forefront and issues that affect women and families (Moon) are very much part of the identity for this period. To add to the theme, the sign of Libra is on the Midheaven (MC) or top of the chart. Ruler Venus (younger women) uses her ability to communicate effectively to achieve her aims (Venus trines Mercury and the North Node) No wonder women are being courted by both presidential candidates.

During every summer solstice the sun meets the USA’s natal Venus, which indicates a good time. This is pretty fortunate for all Americans as we tend to feel good about ourselves around the fourth of July. It also points to a sense of ease, pleasure, and prosperity. This year is no exception as the Solstice chart sun conjoins transiting Venus, therefore bringing the USA’s Venus return. We are now due for a reassessment of our diplomatic values, our ability to compromise and promote peace. Venus is interested in creating a balanced, harmonious, pleasant environment and always prefers compromise over confrontation.

However, Pluto is opposing the Sun Venus pair and threatening to overpower every effort made to bring about a deal for peace. And unfortunately, Pluto is very powerful as it trines (makes a flowing connection to) Saturn and Mars. Watch for ruthless actions by our government. Are more military losses still in store? It may be so. Mars (force/ military) opposes Neptune (sacrifice) and both luminaries conjoin the nodal axis (the axis of dharma/karma, also axis of future fulfillment/past experiences). The fight and the military strength are not what it seems.

The economy looks better than we might think. Saturn in Virgo which rules the Capricorn 2nd house of money trines (is in harmony with) Pluto and sextile (gives opportunities) with the Sun and Venus in Cancer. However, with Pluto and Saturn, we seldom expect an easy picture as the combination of these two bodies can indicate coercion, subversion and organized crime. For a productive interpretation, it shows that hard work and analysis (Saturn in Virgo) brings new prospects in binging wealth (sextile Suns & Venus) while using reforming approaches (trine Pluto.)

When applying the solstice chart over the USA Sibly chart, we find that the Moon is featured in several ways. Let’s first identify the areas that the Moon rules. These topics will be of focus during this next quarter. The Moon represents: the common people, all food and alimentation, water, public commodities, the environment, child care, domestic affairs, emotions in general, women, the female principle, habits, and all that is subconscious.

Solstice Moon conj. Jupiter, opposed USA Mercury and a number of aspects to the outer planets. It indicates a time for expansion and discussion. In addition, the USA Moon is being pushed by Saturn, Mars, and Neptune therefore people don’t quite know how to deal with the actions taken by authorities in the judicial system (Mars and Saturn fall in the USA 9th house of law) That is further reflected in the transformation of our domestic policies as indicated by the solstice Moon conjunct USA Pluto, with Jupiter conj. Moon applying conj. to USA’s Pluto. This could mean that we are finally expanding our horizons.

The growing acceptance of same sex marriages is an obvious example of the evolution of American civil rights. Jupiter ruler of law and religion seem to support (conjunction) all emotional commitments (Moon in Capricorn.) The evolutionary path of our country’s domestic affairs is at a point of healing and compassion (North Node conj Chiron & Neptune and Natal USA Moon.)


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