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Astrological Outlook of the Winter Solstice: A Prominent Role for Women

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The Winter Solstice is the time of year when the Sun is at its lowest point of declination, which gives us the shortest day of the year. It is also the time when the Sun enters the tropical sign of Capricorn. Some Astrologers consider the Winter Solstice point as an alternate to the Spring Equinox to interpret what the year has to bring. Note the zodiac is circular so there is no true beginning or end. Capricorn does not symbolize beginnings, but it represents accomplishments. As the darkest point of the zodiacal cycle, the Winter Solstice is very close to the beginning of our calendar year. It is a natural time to reflect and consider the actions and accomplishments of the year just past, and to set up new resolutions and priorities for the coming year

The Situation

When we cast the solstice chart for Washington DC, we notice that we are continuing the trend, started at the Spring Equinox, of average people and women playing a prominent role for the country. The obvious representation of this trend is the effective presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton. She embodies the current energy that shows a population in search of more diplomacy, peace and care for people’s needs (Ascendant and MC of solstice chart in Libra and Cancer.) But people’s needs are deeper and go beyond supporting a female politician. They want to challenge authority and the establishment (Moon, ruler of MC squaring Saturn.) Women are willing to sacrifice themselves to attain their goal and are determined to fight for their social ideals (Venus in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius). 

Another indication that people are concerned with the social welfare of the country is the North Node’s switch of sign. On December nineteenth the Node entered the sign of Aquarius which represents society and people in groups. This position brings focus to the well being of the masses as opposed to the benefit of a select few. That trend will most likely continue as the North Node remains in Aquarius until late August of 2009. It is particularly relevant for people of this country because the moon in the USA chart (Sibly chart) is in that Aquarius as well. American women have a history of being independent, original thinkers and willing to be different. As this quarter begins, that revolutionary spirit is being energized. Feminine values are now considered important, and are expressed not only by women but also by men who have come to realize the significance of caring for each other and for respecting mother nature.

Meanwhile, we are not finished with the over indulgence of spin, manipulation, and control of our president and his men (Pluto, the Sun, Jupiter and mercury conjunct in the third house opposed Mars in the ninth.) The media, communication companies, and trades in general (third house) are the areas where it will be most played out. Watch also for confrontations between the administration and military personnel as Mars opposes the Sun cluster. 

Affirmations for 2008

As we are trying to keep faith and reason within the perpetual cycle of life, let us invoke the wisdom of feminine values to bring practical ideas and structure to social needs (Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Capricorn). Let us also honor the unconventional contributions that are unique to the female experience as it strives to establish harmonious diplomatic relations.


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