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Discovering Who You Really Are Is “In the Cards”

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Recent news stories have been reporting that during these “uncertain economic times,” more people looking to astrologers and psychics for guidance. I think it’s great that more of us are open to receiving information from untraditional sources. Even better is when we discover that each of us is capable of learning how to tune in to our inner guidance on our own, without the need of a “medium” or other third party.   

A few years ago I was introduced to an ancient science known as the “Destiny Cards,” a divination system that blends astrology, numerology, and the deck of fifty-two playing cards. Jai Italiaander, a professional Destiny Card reader, shared her expertise in a class at Soul Centered, the Ojai, California-based Metaphysical Shoppe.

The Destiny Cards system is based on an ancient science that assigns a card from the deck of cards to each day of the year (these are the cards you play poker and solitaire with, not tarot cards). The cards represent different personality aspects, based on the suits, spots, numbers or faces on the card. It’s amazing how accurately this system can describe a person; based only on the day and month they were born.  

From the moment I first learned about the Destiny Cards, I was hooked. Maybe it was the familiarity of the deck of cards that attracted me, or my grandma’s fondness for cards (she taught my sister and I how to play blackjack when we were six). Or, perhaps it’s because the Destiny Cards system is so simple to understand. With the help of a couple of books, anyone can learn how to start doing their own readings in about ninety minutes.

Over the years, I’ve been introducing people to their “birthday card,” the card assigned to the day and month they were born. Most of the time, the person being profiled agrees that their card does seem to describe their personality. Taking it a step further, factoring in the year of birth, you can discover cycles of opportunity, lessons, and relationships in the year ahead.  

The “Goddess of Destiny” Can Help You Discover Your Card 
My passion for the cards has expanded across multiple media platforms.  You can tune in to free daily and weekly one minute Goddess of Destiny spiritual energy forecasts at There are some videos describing the cards on YouTube (keyword search “your cards of destiny”).



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