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Divination on the Revolution in Egypt

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I use divination systems to gain insight about what’s going on in the world, as well as psychic channeling. Here’s an article I published yesterday about what’s going on in Egypt:

The other night, in between CNN reports about Egypt, I ran into my divination room to see what showed up about Egypt’s situation, and posted a few sentences of it on my blog. It’s a few days later, and I’m thinking it’s the biggest change that’s happened in my lifetime, I went back to listen to my first impression of it.

It said: “Three stones on top of each other—the female stone, the mystery stone, and the male stone—like a sandwich. And it suggests that what’s really going to be at the core of the situation is mysterious. El Baradei might be there as the core in the beginning, but it’s really another group that came in, and they were sort of holding the place for it, and not necessarily wanting to stay part of the structure. There’s a real urgency because of the tie-up of daily life. What’s affected badly is the economy.

Now it’s violent and like Tiananmen Square, right before their day of departure. Here’s what’s showing now in this third divination—which I can hardly believe:

This time it was through information in the four directions and the stones. In the South, there was a lifting off of a heavy weight. The people are saying “Oh wow, oh okay, all right, well yeah, it’s cool,” as if things are easier than expected, and the soldiers will go with them. In the West, (which has to do with people, relationships, feelings, emotions, and can show big deaths), it showed there were very powerful and intelligent people, and they had a plan, but meant no harm to anybody. They had more masterful, fruitful plans, and the ability to organize things at a higher level. This is what happens when there aren’t these dictatorships—it can be quite wonderful and beneficial. But it showed in the North that there was a co-existence for awhile—there was action in February that put something in place, but not until August was there no co-existence. There will be a while of limited power after changes in February. (There were other two pieces of information, but I lost them.)

The stones also show that the new foundation and real structure hasn’t come in. The players now are the players in change.

The stones show the same information as the directions. For a while, the foundation that is new is connected to what’s leaving. The power, the details, the players, and the information haven’t met yet exactly for what’s arriving, but they are more fruitful. The old ways and doing things for the same reasons are some of the things that are left out.

The world should help Egypt. All the world leaders should talk to Mubarak on Egypt’s behalf. The one important thing about the stones is the unsupported position of Egypt economically, so the world would have to pony up and support it if it fell.

But this idea that there are group of very bright people guiding a process to bring the region into the future, who want to show the Middle East’s strengths and prowess—there’s a lot of pride that wants to be felt in the Middle East for their wisdom and ingenuity and many other things that the world has not seen in awhile. Long live the Middle East! May its glory come back to shine on modern times.


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