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Don’t Sweat the Dog Days, August: The Visiting Visionary

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You greeted summer with a wistful sigh—or perhaps a delighted squeal. The sun rose higher in the sky, warmed the sand on beaches, sent you bikini shopping (which may or may not have been a good thing), and inspired frolicking among the populace. That was June, anyway. But as August bears down, you’ve had quite enough of the sticky heat; you’re ready for the cooling autumn breezes, ready to shed the wayward summer and not be so darn hot all the time. Bummer for you—you’ve got a few weeks left to brave the earthly Hades that is August. But fear not—perhaps the stars will offer up a cool reprieve, or at least a distraction, from the dog days of summer.

Hit the road, Jack. Seriously. You’re doing just fine with all the heat coming down on you—you’ve always enjoyed the spotlight, after all. But the stars are telling you August is the perfect time for a little getaway, perhaps with your honey or with a good friend, someone who knows you well and you know you’ll have a fabulous time with. The trouble is that you and your rather lavish tastes may have spent yourself a little dry on the financial front in July. So wherever you go, you’ll have to be on a bit of a budget. But you’ll have a great time regardless—just get over that touch of lion’s pride so inherent in you—the way you know only you can.

Good news, Virgo! Venus is gracing you with her attention during the first part of August, so you’d best dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to hit the scene on Lindsay Lohan–esque levels—except perhaps without the jail sentence. My point is, you are at your most magnetic, and you shouldn’t spend these dog days of your summer mousing away in the corner, though I know you love to be the wallflower. You’ve got it, Virgo. Now’s the perfect chance to flaunt it—and in the process make some new friends at the very least, if not start up a romance, should you so desire.

Being a Libra, you’ve mastered the art of subtly manipulating a situation to ensure you are the center of attention—but not in a bad way. You like being in control, because that way it’s your unalienable responsibility to make sure that everyone is having a fantastic time while they adore you and your total awesomeness. Well, prepare to bask in the warm glow of that adoration as the weeks of late summer pass. Mars is touring Libra, which means you’ll be more in demand than ever; in short, you’ll be on fire and having more fun than just about anyone else.

Your still waters run deep indeed, Scorpio. And in the summer heat, when it seems like everyone else wants to jump in for a refreshing swim, you’re just about over it. You need some Scorpio-only time, a little time to yourself to recharge your inner loner and get things back to normal in your own head before you get back to solving the world’s problems. Lucky for you, the cosmos is aligned just so for some travel over the months ahead. Long weekends, or maybe even a couple of longer trips, are calling for you between now and the fall. Pack your bags and let those opportunities carry you along.

Remember when you were a kid and summer was for carefree days of running barefoot on the grass under the cooling spray of the sprinklers? You might have been pining for this lost childhood scene the last couple of months, as Saturn has been testing you in your job. You’ve dealt with hard-nosed bosses, skeptical coworkers, and a frustrating work environment in general. But you have not toiled in vain—karma is shining a warm light on you, and you’re looking down the barrel of a significant career change, be it a new job, a raise, or simply a newfound satisfaction that you’ve come through the last several weeks intact and are wiser for it. You’re going to round out the summer beautifully, Sag—don’t you worry about a thing.

Always patient, always in control—those are the cornerstones of being a Capricorn, right? The summer heat may have been testing these time-honored traits of yours, so you’ll be pleased to know that things are coming back around—people are going to start listening to you again, and in a big way. Mars is cruising your sign, making you ripe for some serious career advancement in the coming months. VIPs of all kinds will be wondering how on earth they’d underestimated you for so long. And you’d better start clearing off space on the desk, the bookshelf, or wherever you might happen to display accolades and trophies and certificates of major appreciation. The stars are about to shine a white-hot light on you and all of your fabulousness, and you’ll be ready.

You’ve got wit. You’ve got charm. You’re always the cleverest person in the room. But even those enviable talents don’t pay the bills, and you’ve been feeling the financial heat since before the punishing midsummer sun made its presence undeniable. But Jupiter is swooping his way toward your part of the sky with a cooling splash of “whew.” The money pressures you may have felt recently will start to recede, and you’ll be able to lift your nose from the grindstone a bit and take a look around at the glowing, summery world—and, better yet, you’re going to see it. It’s airplanes for you, Aquarius. Book a trip as soon as you can—the more exotic the location, the better. Why not?

Sweet fish, the best thing you can do with the remainder of the summer is get away from it all. You’re always so sensitive and easily affected by the thoughtless actions of those around you, and September is promising to be one of those months when you won’t have a moment to yourself. So rest up in August with a relaxing trip to someplace where a handsome young man named Carlo will bring you a large, cold drink with a lot of rum in it. Facilitate a time and place where you can just be your fabulous whimsical self, when dozens of other people aren’t relying on your compassionate, devoted personality. Take a breath, take some time to yourself, and you’ll be ready for all the excitement and challenges that September is going to send your way.

Sit tight, taskmaster Aries. Your time in the sun is coming yet, so don’t think you’ll be beating the heat anytime soon. The good news is, your hardworking attitude and stick-to-itiveness are due to pay off nicely by making sure that the spotlight finds you when you’re good and ready to work your magic and give everyone a big old “I told you so.” I think that qualifies you to withstand the heat a while longer.

Oh, poor Taurus—looks like the chill autumn winds may fall upon you a bit sooner than you might like. But not to worry. It’s nothing you, with your persistence and patience, can’t get through like UV rays through an SPF 6 sunscreen. Like all little cosmic hiccups, this one has a remedy that I know you’re well equipped to deal with. To be brief, work might suck a little bit in the approaching weeks (something about Uranus being in retrograde). But throw your characteristic loyalty behind existing professional relationships, and you’ll do just fine.

Things will be getting especially hot for you this August, dear Gemini. People might say that your impulsiveness is a bad thing, but I’m here to tell you there’s an excellent chance that living the rest of your summer on a wing and a prayer just might result in some spectacular fun on the romantic front. This might sound strange, as your love life has seemed to exist in fits and starts lately, and even if you’ve got a steady, he might not have seemed quite so steady. But the remainder of the summer is going to make it up to you. Be ready and willing to see what’s coming your way.

You just might be coming out of a bit of a rough patch, Cancer. June was maybe a little less than sunny? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the stars are warming up for you, and you’ll be rounding out the summer with some good vibes. You’ve always been something of a contradiction—flinty yet kind, self-absorbed yet loyal—and your ability to juggle seemingly contradictory states of mind will serve you well in the next few weeks as your home and your career come into sharp focus. You’re going to be getting your ducks in a row in a major way.

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The Visiting Visionary is a monthly column written by a different guest horoscopist each month. We’ll focus on a new topic every month so that our Visionary can foretell how it will affect each sign.

Sage Romano is 12 percent Libra, 22 percent Scorpio, 66 percent Virgo, and all-around crazy. Also, she’s really excited about happy hour.


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