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Healthy Birthday to You: Can Our Birthstones Heal Us?

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Gemstones have been linked to zodiac signs and birth months for thousands of years. Many say these precious and semiprecious stones have absorbed the earth’s energies, giving them magical and healing properties, and as such, a prominent place throughout history. Religious leaders wore them to invoke spiritual guidance; in biblical days, kings and conquerors wore all twelve gemstones on their breastplates during battle to protect them from harm; ancient Egyptians placed precious stones in tombs to buy passage to the afterlife; and the Chinese used gems as trade currency. Through the ages, gemstones have also been used to heal physical and mental ills.

While it’s said that a birthstone holds the strongest power for the person born in its month, anyone can wear the stones and benefit from their beauty and healing energies.

January: Garnet
Throughout time, garnets have adorned the powerful and the wealthy. This blood-red gemstone has long been associated with the healing of various blood diseases, as well as breaking fevers, reducing inflammation, and preventing depression. Wearing a garnet encourages creativity, courage, and balance, but the most magical power is the passion it inspires. This gemstone promotes love and relationships strong in commitment and fidelity. The garnet is also a symbol of everlasting friendship.

February: Amethyst
Amethysts have been worn through the ages by religious leaders as a symbol of piety and celibacy. Buddhists believe that the amethyst enhances tranquility and peace during meditation, and Leonardo da Vinci thought it had the power to increase intelligence and protect against evil. This tranquil gemstone may bring peace to the wearer as well as alleviate anxiety, reduce negativity, and protect against deceit. The amethyst also contains the power to assist with therapy for alcohol and drug abuse.

March: Aquamarine
Just as the sea can lull the watcher into a calm state of mind, so can the aquamarine gemstone calm the soul of the wearer. This serene stone is believed to ease anxiety, calm the nervous system, and improve mood. It is considered a strong healing stone that can cure toothaches, stomach pain, liver disorders, and throat pain. This aquatic gemstone also influences the wearer with traits of intelligence, courage, faithfulness, friendship, youthfulness, and happiness.

April: Diamond
For more than 3,000 years, the diamond has symbolized strength, power, and invincibility. Wearing this dazzling gemstone is said to bestow traits of courage, hope, generosity, and the power to fight dark forces. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were placed inside sick beds against the flesh of the ill to promote healing. Today diamonds are prized as the symbol of love and commitment and the promise of everlasting devotion, which is why they’re part of most engagement and wedding rings.

May: Emerald
The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and is thought to contain the goodness of life. Its magical properties include peace, harmony, love, fidelity, honesty, and good fortune. Placing a stone on the tongue or wearing it the left side of the body is said to bestow the ability to see the future. Emeralds are considered to have great healing power, especially for the heart, lungs, blood, pancreas, eyesight, and lymph nodes. Healers also use emeralds to improve the immune system, lift depression, and restore mental and emotional equilibrium.

June: Pearl
Pearls are unique among gemstones as the creation of a living creature, the mollusk. Because pearls grow organically, they are believed to help the wearer get in touch with the simple, honest things in life. Pearls also bring out the personality traits of dignity, wisdom, calmness, integrity, and charity. It’s believed these precious water-born gems can cure stomach disorders and prevent ulcers. Other healing properties of the pearl include calming stress, alleviating headaches, hypertension, and exhaustion, and preventing heart attacks.

July: Ruby
Rubies are believed to grow deeper in color when the owner is in danger. Myth says that Catherine of Aragon’s ruby turned dark red the day before King Henry VII told her he was divorcing her. The fire within the ruby is thought to bring fire into the wearer’s life through love, passion, imagination, and motivation. This vital red gemstone brings clarity and wisdom to the wearer, as well as the strength to resist self-destructive behavior. Wearing a ruby while sleeping brings lucid dreams; dreaming about rubies is said to be a sign of impending wealth. This vivid red stone may help cleanse the blood of toxins, improve circulation, and ward off infections. Wearing a ruby is supposed to bring the owner a secure and peaceful life.

August: Peridot
Peridot is considered a visionary stone, bringing wearers an understanding of their existence and destiny. The calming color of this gemstone contains a joyful energy that helps build strong friendships, achieve marital fidelity, ward off anger and jealousy, and bring about a sense of peace. Wearing peridot can also increase confidence, patience, and assertiveness. As a healing stone, peridot reduces stress, purifies the blood, encourages tissue regeneration, aids in digestion, and wards off fever. It can also aid those seeking to rejuvenate their life and discover their true destiny.

September: Sapphire
The blue sapphire is known as the “wisdom stone” and it restores balance to a person’s life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It also brings joy, lightheartedness, and serenity to the wearer. It is believed to open up communication between friends and colleagues and bring out truthfulness and honesty. The sapphire’s healing power is focused mainly on calming and maintaining the nervous system. It’s also believed to heal the thyroid gland, strengthen blood vessels, and calm a nervous heart. Wearing a sapphire may help give you a better understanding of the future.

October: Opal
Wearing an opal can bring out imagination, inspiration, originality, and creativity. This gemstone is said to release inhibitions and make the wearer “invisible,” if he or she does not wish to be noticed. Opals are used to induce mystical and psychic visions and elicit the true self of the wearer. The opal’s healing powers may help purify the blood, cleanse the kidneys, and regulate insulin. Because opals have a strong feminine link, they are thought to relax a woman during childbirth and calm women’s health issues.

November: Topaz
The yellow topaz is considered a stone of strength, power, and protection. Because it’s ruled by the sun, it bestows abundance and practicality upon its wearer. It also aids in stimulating intelligence and creativity. The heat of this fiery gemstone imbues a strong sense of true love and passion, as well as compassion, kindness, and empathy. As a healing stone, the yellow topaz is believed to bring a sense of balance to the wearer by relieving tension, calming stress, and harmonizing emotions. It also aids in tissue regeneration, counters aging, strengthens the liver, and detoxifies the body. This soothing gemstone also helps inspire a restorative sleep.

Many cultures consider turquoise a great healing stone. When worn near a body part that’s in pain, this energetic stone is said to absorb negative energies. A bracelet of turquoise is believed to detoxify the blood as it flows under it. Hanging a turquoise stone from the neck can help heal asthma, lung, and throat ailments. Headaches and ear infections are said to improve if a turquoise stone is worn in the appropriate spot. Turquoise, considered feminine in nature, has been used to treat many female disorders. This airy stone is also the symbol of wisdom, friendship, love, generosity, empathy, and optimism.

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