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Help Out a Taurus, Will You?

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Unsociable, impractical, screwy. That is what my horoscope says about me today. But for me, that is an exciting prediction. I was born under the sign of Taurus, and Taureans are never impractical … here’s my chance! Yep, I am going to push the limits, take chances, defy gravity and hang it if I appear unhinged. Today is my day to try out a different persona. I’m going for it.

Unfortunately I have to sleep a good part of this day because I work twelve hours tonight. (If that kind of schedule doesn’t make you unsociable and screwy, I don’t know what does.) But never mind. I must focus on being impractical. How can I play that out? Should I buy a Ferrari? Dance on the roof? Make prank calls to Boa Boa? Buy a tutu for my dog? Boil New England lobsters alive in my backyard? Buy a llama?

What is impractical? Open to suggestions. I am sure there are lots of Taureans who are dying to know.


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