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The How and the Why of the Mercury Retrograde

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Though I don’t professionally work with Astrology it is always a very fascinating science to me. My readings and my counseling sessions are full of energy and spirit and the heavens and the earth too seem to revolve around spirit gently pushing and pulling and jogging along with and against each other. The planets and their alignments affect our daily life constantly. You can see that in a simple example of the “rising of the tides” The beautiful roaring sea rises to a higher level each month as the big moon becomes fuller in its shape and pulls at the waves with all its might. Such is the wonder of the universe and so today we are going to just venture into a little monologue about this Mercury Retrograde period that you and I are in. 

What is a retrograde?
It happens two or three times a year. The Planet Mercury seems to slow down and then stop. (This is by the way, an optical illusion) like the rest of the planets are moving away leaving it alone. It is like you walking fast passing a person in a wheelchair. If you were to go fast enough it would seem that the person was actually going backward even though they were still moving forward. The backward appearance of movement of the plant is what is called the retrograde. 

What happens during a retrograde? How does it affect us humble human folk?
Mercury is the planet that rules communication. So most things to do with this goes all over the place. Your e-mail may get lost or go to someone else. Or your Web site will just keep crashing. Or a card you have sent a friend is still on its way. I myself have had a few instances this last week that I had to use all patience to stop pulling my hair out. After all I did not want to be a bald diva. 

How best to handle this time.
This time is best spent looking at life and matters of the past. It is not a time to invest new things but give a “finesse” to matters that need attending to. It is a time of rest and deep contemplation. With the daily bustle of life there are so many things in life that we don’t pay attention to. Our relationships, our projects, reading, meditating. So on and so forth. It is great time to look at your life as a whole in terms to new spiritual growth.

We all have our dreams and our goals. Rest, relax and look at them for what they are and see and envision how you can improve them. 

What not to do during this time.
It is said that it is better to leave new projects as well as new assignments till this period is over. Especially legal documents and agreements. It is said that if you do sign an agreement during this time or start a new project of some sort you may have to revise it all over again. It will be double the trouble. So why go there? 

Enjoy this time with peace love and joy and remember that all this in creation needs to grow and rest and gather their strength. Recognizing this and embracing this will heighten your awareness and create in you a new spirit to move forward with love, understanding, and prosperity. 

May the blessings of the universe be with you now and always,



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