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The Psychic Next Door

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Back home in Chicago, every corner has a liquor store and a church. Here in Los Angeles, signs for psychics are everywhere.

Last Wednesday, I sat across from someone who told me things about myself that she shouldn’t know. Indeed, I sat across from a psychic named Agi Arnold and listened to her tell me, among other things, where I sit when I write.

She’s never been to my home; she’s never heard me talk about where I sit. And yet, she was spot-on and detailed with what she could see.

I won’t tell you how I know Agi, but when I found out that she does readings, I was curious. I’ve never been one to be particularly superstitious, and I can’t imagine living my life based off a generic magazine horoscope. But the idea of psychic phenomena is out there and it’s intriguing. In my own life, I’ve had several dreams come true and have had other stuff that I can’t explain happen, so I was happy to meet Agi at a local coffee place and chat with her about her abilities.

I thought she just did palm reading and tarot cards, but I quickly found out that that’s not all. Agi’s clairvoyant, which means she can pick up on and “see” things. She’s also clairsentient, which means she can see things by feeling. For example, she can hold someone’s hand or she might dream about them, and then she can see what’s going on in their lives.

Agi grew up with psychics. “My mother had ability,” she says. “She would drag me around to other psychics and I used I used to watch what they all did. I was fascinated by it.”

This might seem like an odd thing, but Agi explains, saying, “Growing up Hungarian, we had a lot of superstitions.”

But the sort of superstitions Agi is talking about are more than just the typical don’t walk under a ladder type of thing.

“If the lights went on and off, if they flickered, it meant someone died,” she says. The strange thing is that in Agi’s house, the flickering lights would actually be right.

By early high school, Agi knew she also had a knack for being able to use her inner sight. People noticed and began asking her, “Can you read my hand and tell me what’s gonna happen?”

This made me wonder, can she really tell the future?

Agi told me that each reading is different. By looking at a palm, she can tell about someone’s personality and details about them. She often can see a person’s feelings and then, to some extent, their future. Sometimes she’s even able to tell things by looking at pictures or being in a room. And ladies, if you’re pregnant, Agi’s definitely going to know. She told me how every time a colleague has been pregnant, she always immediately knows. She also can easily pick up on if a person’s cheating.

I asked her what sorts of things people want to know about. “If they’re not married, they always want to know about love. If they’re married, they never want to know about that.”

We both chuckled over that!

And what do the married people want to know about? “They want to know about their job.”

She told me that if folks are interested in their health, they almost never say that upfront. They wait for her to tell them.

“They bypass just feeling bad and head straight to death,” she says. “They automatically think they’re going to die and so they’re scared to ask about their health issues.”

Yes, she’s seen ghosts but she’s never spoken to them and when I asked her about evil spirits, she tells me, “The living are more evil than anything I’ve ever seen.”

I asked Agi about how some folks think that using your inner sight is “devil worship” or tapping into evil forces. She replied that there’s something between people that allows us to feel what someone else feels, and some people are also very good at reading people. “You can tell a lot about a person based on how they walk and carry themselves, if you pay attention.”

Agi went on to share that we accept that we can “see” the past and the present, so why not the future? She says if the average person relaxes enough, they can take in and see all the signs. “Sometimes your subconscious mind is knocking on your conscious mind, saying, ‘wake up.’”

What’s it like to get a psychic vision? Agi says that for her, having a vision is like getting punched in the gut. Sometimes it knocks the air out of her.

Interestingly enough, she can’t see things she’s emotionally invested in. She shared that her personal attachment gets in the way and she can’t tell what’s reality and what’s desire. But when she’s talking to a total stranger, she can be objective.

But does Agi tell all? “There are some things you’re not meant to know,” she says with a small smile, “and I’m not going to tell it.”


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