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Slowing Down and Getting It Together, Mars Retrograde Cycle Part 2

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And speaking of passion, our sexual desire may be more intense during this time but it’s possible that frustrations might arise whether you’re in a partnership or not.  It’s a good time for an exercise routine to help release some of this pent up energy.  Or it may be a time in which we rediscover our connection to our sexuality and how we relate to it and express it.  The retrograde may distort our judgment about who we choose to explore this side of ourselves with, so be careful, but Virgo at least may offer us a little bit of discernment.
Retrograde cycles are something to embrace.  It’s very rare not to have a planet retrograde in the sky, and depending on which planet it is, will determine the collective lessons we will be receiving at that time. Mars happens to retrograde less often than any of the other planets, so when it’s retrograde cycle comes around, its presence will create an impact in our lives and the lessons we learn will be long lasting.
Let’s get a little more specific on how this Mars retrograde will affect each sign (and rising sign).
Aries and Ascendant (rising) – This Mars retrograde will affect you on a more personal level because it rules your first house of body, personality and how others see you.  It is your sign ruler, or chart ruler if you are an Aries rising.  Mars is retrograding in your solar sixth house of work, health and daily routines, so these areas in your life will be most affected and in need of re-organizing. It’s important now to slow down and re-assess how you take action and assert yourself in order to get what you want out of life in these areas.  Give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax and find healthy ways to express frustrations at work.
Taurus and Taurus Ascendant - Mars rules your twelfth house of spirituality, intuition, and the unconscious.  As Mars retrogrades you may find that your intuition and judgment are off, and you could be acting more from your unconscious self than from clear awareness. Watch out for the tendency to get lost in addictions or obsessing over the past. Mars will be retrograding in your fifth house of romance, creativity, and children.  These are areas where you may find frustrations or lack of self-confidence.  Try not to make hasty decisions based on these frustrations and give yourself time to re-asses your goals and inspiration in creative projects.
Gemini and Gemini Ascendant – Mars rules your eleventh house of dreams, aspirations, business networking and friends, and you might see challenges in or have low self-confidence around generating income from your dream job.  Mars is retrograding in your forth house of home, emotions, and childhood.  These are areas that might slow down or bring up frustrations.  Emotions from childhood may arise that need to be dealt with, and your home situation might be the source of conflict and restructuring.  Find healthy ways to express these emotions and work through unresolved childhood issues.
Cancer and Cancer Ascendant – Mars rules your tenth house of career and public recognition.  You may find yourself re-assessing your career choice or having a difficult time getting the promotion you’ve been wanting.  Mars will be retrograding through your solar third house of short travel, communication, studies, siblings and neighbors.  You may find trouble in these areas but take care in how you express yourself and your anger as you may regret it later on.  You also may find yourself unmotivated in your current area of study now so it is good time to re-think your direction.
Leo and Leo Ascendant – Mars rules your ninth house of higher learning, travel, ideals, and spiritual beliefs.  If you’re traveling you might find yourself hitting obstacles along the way.  You’re beliefs and perspectives may be changing during this time so allow yourself time for reflection, and try to see the bigger picture in challenging situations.  Mars is retrograding in your solar second house of money, security and self worth.  How much you value yourself on an emotional and financial level is up for re-assessment.
Virgo and Virgo Ascendant – Mars rules your eighth house of joint finances, debt, and intimacy.  You might be having challenges with a partner or business partner in these areas.  It’s time to re-negotiate financial situations and projects and create clear boundaries and understanding.  Mars is retrograding your solar first house of self-expression and personality.  You may find yourself spending a lot of time alone now rethinking how you approach the world and your life situations.  Self-confidence and energy levels might be low so don’t push yourself.  Allow this time of introspection.
Libra and Libra Ascendant – Mars rules your seventh house of business and intimate partnerships.  Things may seem unclear or interest may start to wane in these relationships.  It’s time to think about and discuss what is working and what is not working.  Passive-aggressive behavior is likely now, so it’s time to find better ways to express your anger.  Mars is retrograding in your solar twelfth house of spirituality, intuition and the unconscious.  Watch out for the tendency to get lost in addiction during time.  Your judgment may be off and you may suffer from low-grade anxiety during this time.  Give yourself plenty of time for self-care and reflection without obsessing over past situations.
Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant – Mars rules your sixth house of daily routines, health and work.  Careful not to push too hard in your day-to-day projects as it might lead to health issues.  Now is the time to re-organize your daily schedule and create more time for taking care of yourself.  A good balance of work and self-care is needed.  Mars is retrograding in your solar eleventh house of dreams, friends, community, and business income.  Conflicts and delays may be seen in these areas of your life.  It’s time to re-asses your friendships and redefine your inspirations, goals and dreams.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant – Mars rules your fifth house of children, creativity, romance and hobbies.  You may find challenges in these areas and that your inspiration for your creative work is waning.  It’s time to reflect on how you are interacting with significant others and if your actions have been in integrity.  Mars is retrograding through your solar tenth house of career and recognition.  You may find conflict at work and not feel that your efforts are being recognized.  It’s time to re-structure your work situation and resolve any issues and problems that have not been talked about.
Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant – Mars rules your fourth house of family, home, security and the past.  These areas may be sources of tension and you may find conflict in your home situation is reminding you of past events.  Repressed emotions may surface now to be dealt with and released.  Mars is retrograding in your solar ninth house of travel, higher learning, beliefs and adventure.  You may find you’ve lost your zest for adventure and your motivation with school and study is lacking.  Your faith in the process of life may feel challenged and is under evaluation, so now is a good time reassess your perspective and see things in terms of the “bigger picture.”
Aquarius and Aquarius Ascendant - Mars rules your third house of communication, siblings and neighbors, and short travel.  You may have miscommunications challenges with siblings or neighbors.  You may also have delays in your daily world in terms of travel.  Be cautious with how you communicate and find constructive ways to express your frustrations.  Mars is retrograding in your solar eighth house of intimacy and shared resources.  Problems or conflict may arise around joint finances or debt and need to be re-organized.  Your personal relationships may become more emotionally intense and require space for re-evaluation.
Pisces and Pisces Ascendant – Mars rules your second house of money, possessions, and self-worth.  You may be feeling anxious about your financial situation and be thinking about how your self-worth is connected to money and possessions.  Mars is retrograding in your solar seventh house of marriage and partnerships, including business partnerships. You or your partner may be feeling insecure or angry about situations that haven’t been dealt with. Now is the time to re-assess how well these relationships are working and discover new ways of expressing needs and emotions.


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