Stay on Top of Your Horoscope This Year

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It’s oddly comforting to be told what to do by planets. There’s solace in guidance, even if guidance based on stars aligning around your birthday feels a little random. Hey, it’s no more random than the coworker who leans over your cube and tells you to go eat some cake if you insist on being so cranky. And the stars are definitely a better source of advice than your sister, who once had the brilliant brainstorm to down five shots of Jägermeister then chase them with a bowl of Cheerios. It’s nice to get a little divine shove—especially if it’s from celestial bodies that never hurled the contents of their stomach into a ficus plant.

Now that you have carefully scheduled and color categorized your New Year’s goals (or at least scribbled a few on a post-it note and slapped on your bathroom mirror) it’s time to get down to the crucial question of how to track your horoscope in 2013. Luckily, there are approximately nine zillion sites on the Internet that are more than happy to tell you what your birthday means today.

My favorite is Rob Brezny’s weekly email. He serves up a nice blend of storytelling and advice, offering encouragement and calling you on your nonsense. All while managing to be one-hundred percent less annoying than horoscopes in the newspaper of yore.

If you can’t get enough of this stuff, and once a week just doesn't sate your craving, you can check in daily at If what you really want is insight into what your date from Saturday is thinking, check out If all this sounds like a lot of work, grab a one-time shot of star power with your yearly horoscope over at Cafe Astrology.

Sure, astrology tends toward the vague. But that’s the point. You guide yourself—pulling out what fits and shifting the details of the advice to be what you need in the moment. Even if what you need is just another cupcake.


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