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The Year of the Snake: What Does It Mean for You?

If you were born in the Year of the Snake—say 1977, like Liv Tyler and Kanye West—you are wise and enigmatic. (How mysterious of you.) You’re a thinker who likes unusual ideas and keen repartee. You’re an astute and intuitive judge who understands how to lasso your desires and pull them to you. You’re self-confident and energetic and act with conviction. You believe in yourself and what you do.

But even if you weren’t born under the snake star, you can still use the beginning of the new nine year cycle to your advantage. Something about flying stars is going down and—while we don’t know exactly what that means —we do know that it offers some serious juju. If you’re willing to harness it, you can make great things happen in your life this year.

Friendships are more important than ever. Create and nurture friendships. For both the joy of having a social life, but also to bring on the good fortune. Be social, renew old friendships, and make fresh connections. Happiness, prosperity, and career boons will abound.

It’s a good year for romance. Love mojo is in the offing. Clear out old relationships (and bootie calls) that bring you down. Toss the little black book and start fresh. Healthier patterns could result in finding your perfect person.

Your career (and your bank account) is about to boom. The Year of the Water Snake brings on good business and career opportunities. You know you want a piece of that, so look at places you can improve and start making it happen. The power of the universe is behind you, sister.

Clear the crap. Now is a good time to banish the clutter and deconstruct the drama. Clearing the old to make way for the new is a good idea no matter what animal is up this year. But it’s especially helpful now because any space you clear will create room for exactly what you want to appear.


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