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How to Know If You Are Mentally Ill

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When you feel that you are losing your mind or that you are making mistakes, forgetting things, and not working well, this means that you really have to pay attention to what is happening inside your mind.

Fortunately you don’t even need to study the meaning of your dreams in order to have this vision and discover the big mystery. I collected all the necessary information given by the unconscious mind in dream messages and now you can simply see what exists inside the human mind even before learning how to translate dreams.

Later you should care about having this knowledge because this way you’ll have the free guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams for the rest of your life.

Inside your mind there are four psychological functions helping you observe the reality you live in.

Your thoughts inform you about the reasons for the formation of various problems and how you can find their solutions.

Your feelings inform you about what you like or dislike, what you want or whom you want to be with, and they inform you about the ideal life conditions for you.

Your sensations inform you if you are satisfied or dissatisfied, what pleases you, or what provokes your disgust.

Your intuition informs you about the future and the hidden side of reality. It also informs you about the personality of the people you still don’t know well enough.

However, these psychological functions have many other applications.

When these psychological functions are not working perfectly, this means that you are mentally ill.

Your mind is constantly under the threat of being invaded by your wild conscience, which is primitive, immoral and violent. The unconscious mind sends you dreams that give you guidance so that you may be able to dominate your mind, getting rid of the dangerous influence of your animal side.

You are a conscious human being, who believes in goodness and pursues happiness. However, your wild side is a very violent animal that can lead you to craziness and terror.

You will understand that you suffer from a mental illness when you will become too afraid of everyone and everything.

Fear and suspicion are the first signs of the invasion of the anti-conscience (your wild and absurd conscience), into the human and balanced side of your conscience.

Other signs are:

- Laughing exaggeratedly for insignificant reasons,

- Caring too much about other people’s opinion,

- Thinking about insignificant matters for a long time;

- Having repetitive thoughts that you cannot get rid of.

Usually the anti-conscience’s invasion into the human side of your conscience happens after traumatic experiences and serious deceptions.

Inside your mind there are many tendencies and many behavioral programs. When you pass through a tragic experience you tend to accept absurdity. The anti-conscience takes advantage of this situation to invade the conscious realm and pretend that it can show you how you’ll see yourself in a superior position after falling.

Be extremely careful with thoughts of revenge. These are the most dangerous ones, and they can provoke a manic disorder.

You must care about learning more concerning this matter, especially if you feel that something is going wrong with your mind.

As I told you from the beginning, you will have an internal vision of the functioning of your mind and understand many things that for now remain a big mystery.


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