How to Stop Having Suicidal Thoughts

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If you have suicidal thoughts or absurd ideas, this means that your human conscience is being dominated by the anti-conscience. It tries to destroy your sensibility through absurdity.

Follow dream therapy and get rid of all mental illnesses by getting rid of your anti-conscience. You will transform the wild and violent content you have inherited in your brain, into a wise component of your human conscience. Then, you’ll become a genius, by completely developing your intelligence.

I became a psychiatrist able to cure grave mental illnesses by obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind in dream messages. I precisely followed Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I proved that Jung’s method is the only correct one.

When I provide psychotherapy, the real doctor is the wise unconscious mind who produces dreams and possesses undoubtable wisdom. I’m a doctor too, because I have to be in contact with the patient and put the unconscious guidance into practice. However, one could say that I’m only a dream translator and a very obedient helper.

As a matter of fact, I proved to the world that there is no human doctor who is able to really cure all mental illnesses. There is too much craziness in the wild side of the human brain. Only the unconscious mind can eliminate all this absurdity.

I verified that we inherit a huge absurd content in the anti-conscience, our primitive conscience. This was a shocking discovery! The human being is very far from balance and true mental health.

My work is not like the work of the cold and indifferent psychiatrists of our time. The unconscious mind compelled me to follow my patients’ lives for many years. It sent me dreams with information about their mental state because they didn’t cooperate by relating their dreams to me.

I helped everyone in all ways like a nun. Dream therapy has also a very important religious meaning, besides being based on scientific discoveries. There is a spiritual reality besides the material one.

In order to stop having suicidal thoughts and absurd ideas you have to seriously care about following psychotherapy. You will get rid of your suicidal thoughts forever. Your dreams have many dimensions.

I can give you many explanations about everything and answer all your questions in case you doubt that my advice is based on real facts. You can even leave a comment under this article and send me questions right now.

You can also submit your dreams for instant professional translation and psychotherapy. I will personally help you translate your dreams and solve all your problems.

The unconscious mind is not an ignorant human doctor. It has a divine origin. Therefore it never tells you in dreams that “maybe you should do this, or maybe not”, like most psychotherapists do. Its guidance is very clear. It sends you many warnings when you are wrong, until you correct all your mistakes.

I would be schizophrenic like my father if I hadn’t follow dream therapy when I was young. I’m very lucky because I found the unconscious treatment through dream messages! You are very lucky too, because you are reading this article and discovering that there is salvation. You only have to learn the dream language and follow the unconscious guidance, so that you may acquire sound mental health and get rid of all your existential problems forever.


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