How to Stop Living Depressed

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The depression cure through dream therapy is guaranteed because your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. The unconscious mind knows everything about you and your mental health. It is a superior mind that gives you live information and guidance in the form of dream images.

All dream images contain hidden messages; they are dream symbols. Once you learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language you have a direct communication with the unconscious mind. You then discover the origin of all your psychological problems, finding light in the end of the dark tunnel. A new horizon appears before your eyes, showing you that there is hope; there are solutions, and you can live happily.

When you are depressed you are only beginning to understand the emptiness of our cruel world, and the absurdity of the wild side of your conscience. Your human conscience is still strong and can be saved if you take dream therapy seriously.

Write down your dreams, and translate them according to the scientific method. This practice will soon become your best tool in life.

You’ll see that the healing power of dreams eliminates your unbearable sadness; saving your sanity. It gives you energy; providing answers that eliminate all fears and doubts. It also helps you develop your intelligence by showing you how to attain higher levels of knowledge.

Knowledge is pure medicine. It works like a balsam that eliminates your wounds. You understand why you are suffering, and what is wrong with your behavior. Thus, you discover what to do in order to correct your mistakes, abandon sad situations, and begin a new life.

You get rid of the burden of the past and of all its nightmares. Your dreams give you a clear vision of what is influencing your reactions. You find out what you have to do in order to feel strong. You then start removing all the thorns that are hurting your heart; ultimately finding relief.

Instead of thinking the way you are used to, you learn how to pay attention to all the details of the thoughts and situations you are experiencing. Your mind opens, and you realize and understand that there are different dimensions in life. Nothing is impossible to solve when you think wisely. Your depression will be permanently eliminated at this point, and you’ll find real happiness that lasts a lifetime.

Dream therapy is an evolutionary process, and not a static treatment that eliminates your pain for just a short period of time. It gives you constant self-confidence. You find you are constantly in a good mood that allows you to attain new achievements. You definitively stop being depressed and seek to better yourself by continuously transforming your personality in order to increase your intelligence and make new discoveries.



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