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I Wrote a Book – My Spinal Cord Injury Wasn’t in Vain!

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I have always wanted to write a book. As far back as I can remember. They say “write about what you know.” Spinal cord injury was very low on my list of things I wanted to know about. But life didn’t ask for my opinion.

One fall day in 1994 I was in an auto accident. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord injury rendered me a quadriplegic, but fortunately incomplete. It took me some two years before I was functional again. I managed to go back to work in my previous profession after much determination recovering from the brain injury. I had to relearn many, many things.

I did pretty well for several years. But I had complications from the spinal cord injury, which resulted in two additional operations involving my spinal cord. I ended up more paralyzed than I started. But I was determined to put my life back together.

I kept looking for a book that would help me put my life back together after a spinal cord injury. But I couldn’t find the book I wanted. I looked for twelve years. So I finally decided since I couldn’t find it, I’d write it. I didn’t want any other spinal cord injury survivor, family, and friends thereof, or even medical professionals to go through the same frustration of not being able to find information to allow a person to know what to expect both physically and emotionally after a spinal cord injury.

A Complete Plain-English Guide to Living with a Spinal Cord Injury: Valuable Information From a Survivor has just been published. It is available on and other online booksellers around the world.

I didn’t write it for the money. I wrote it to help people. I said if it helps one person, then my injury has been worth it. I know of two people it helped even before it was published.

So my injury had a purpose after all.


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