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Just a Little Mole

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Last November I finally convinced my husband to see a surgeon to have a mole removed. On the left side of his face near his ear a mole appeared approximately one year ago. My husband has a full beard which he keeps trimmed neatly. We both noticed the mole growing especially when he trimmed his beard and he would put his finger over it to keep from cutting it while shaving.

Having retired from nursing he was used to my nagging him to see a doctor. The more I said the more he dug his heels in and refused. Like most men he doesn’t like to see a doctor and it has to be his idea.

Finally he told me to make an appointment. I managed to get an appointment right away from a surgeon near home. The doctor removed the mole and sent it to pathology telling us it looked like it was okay.

We had an appointment the following Friday to find out about the path report but the doctor called and wanted us to return early. The news was bad: Malignant Melanoma Stage 4. There are three types of skin cancer with Melanoma being the worst. Also it was in the last stage and the doctor warned us it has probably metastaticized into another organ or the lymph nodes. Additional surgery was needed and my husband spent eight hours in surgery the next month. They did a radical removal of two glands and twenty-two lymph nodes and a neck dissection.

Our life changed overnight. My husband had always been my rock to lean on; now I had to be the strong one.

His recovery has been slow but thank God so far the cancer has not returned. He opted for no chemo or radiation and has returned to work. I have seen him change from a man who was strong and could do anything to a man who has aches and complains daily. Without our faith in God he could never have gotten this far. We take it one step at a time because no one is assured of a tomorrow.


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