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Let the Medical Tests Begin!

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***May contain somewhat graphic details. I am having some medical procedures done these next few days and I am explaining in great detail what will be happening to me, and what I have to do to prepare myself. If you are at all queasy, please do not read this article. If you don’t get easily grossed out, by all means, please continue. I am also doing this for anyone else who may be experiencing similar symptoms and is afraid of what is going on with them, especially if they are undiagnosed at this time. Please … do not wait to get it checked out and do not take what I am telling you here as medical advice.

After midnight I am NPO (nothing by mouth) so my insides are ready for what’s coming in the morning.

Wednesday is my first test: a fistulagram. What that is, exactly, I don’t know. I’ll be an expert on what it is after tomorrow morning. When I get home, I get to have a light breakfast (juice, cereal w/skim milk, toast w/jelly, coffee or tea). Then I get to start my day of liquid dieting, which consists of clear liquids (bouillon, clear fruit juices, and plain Jell-o) and a Phospho soda and water, for the barium enema on Thursday, which does not sound like fun at all. For Friday’s exam, an upper GI with small bowel follow-through, I will need to have been NPO (yup, again) after midnight.

I will try and post about the exams in some detail, but not divulge too much information about me, mostly about my experiences of the whole thing.


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