Life and Struggle with Parkinson's Disease

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Melinda’s dedication in serving the elderly is unbelievable. Why? She’s one of them.

She knows exactly what they feel … and what they need.

Melinda works as an administrator to six boards and care in West Hills, California. She is in charge of the entertainment and activities in these six facilities. She’s a hard workingwoman. Her imagination and ideas are marvelous in making the residents happy. Her life revolves in the seniors world, maintaining their dignity and respect into their later years.

Melinda gives her best in her job. She wants to prove her employer that she still worthwhile to the company. What she’s afraid of is when the time comes that she can no longer function and lose her job. This is a nightmare for Melinda, which she doesn’t even want to think about. She’s not ready for it. Losing her job is he worst disaster in her life. It means, the fall down of her children future

Melinda is a single mother with four children. She dreamed to have a perfect and complete family but it didn’t happen. After nineteen years of rocky marriage, it collapse. Her husband had an affair with another woman and this lead to separation. There’s no divorce in the country where Melinda came. Melinda was completely devastated.

Before the age of forty, Melinda almost lost everything. She lost her husband, their house was burned down without insurance. And the worst part of it, she’s no longer healthy. At the age of thirty-seven she was diagnosed of PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

She was totally depressed and almost lost her sanity. But something was left to her, her four children. By that time, her oldest daughter was twenty-year-old, the second was fifteen, the third was six and the youngest was four year old. They need to study and be supported. Melinda shouldered the task of being a mother and father of her four children. She picked up the pieces of her broken life and stand anew.

For her children, that is the motivating force that moves Melinda to rebuild her life. She started dreaming. Dreaming for her children future, to give them a better life. She decided to go to America for her children future and bright tomorrow.

It’s hard for Melinda to be away from her family especially she was sick. The agony and pain of being far from your children is touching her heart everyday. How many sleepless nights she had, crying, and longing to kiss and hug her little Tricia, her youngest daughter. But she has to be brave and determined to win the battle of loneliness and homesick or else her dream will not come true.

She was hired as a caregiver in one board and care facility for the elderly in Sherman Oaks, California. At first the owner of the board and care was hesitant to hire her because she was a little bit slow in moving, she got tremors and limp in walking. But Melinda showed her potentials in her job. She was compassionate and very loving caregiver. She understand exactly what the residents needs and condition. Her dedication in serving the elderly is unbelievable. She cooks for them, sing, play bingo, domino, paper crafts and anything that will make the residents happy. Melinda’s performance as a caregiver was exceptional … WHY? BECAUSE SHE’S ALSO SICK LIKE THEM. She knows exactly how they feel and what they feel.

As time goes by the disease is progressing. There is no cure to Parkinson’s disease, only treatment. Melinda feels that her PD is progressing. There are times now that she can’t even raise her feet to start walking. The off and on of the medication is more often. And she’s suffering severe duskiness, the side effect of the medication she’s taking. Everyday is getting harder for her to perform her responsibilities. But she must keep fighting to pursue her dream. A bright tomorrow for her children.

Until one day a surprised visit from the licensing happened. There was a complaint against Melinda that she can no longer perform her duties because of her Parkinson’s. There was a thorough investigation of the complain and to Melinda’s surprised, the residents, families stand up for her. They showed how they love her and how good she is to them. Melinda sobbing in tears hug every residents who supported her. They proved to the Licensing Department that Melinda is knowledgeable and capable. Melinda retain her job. The support and love that the residents and families to her served as an inspiration to Melinda and be more enthusiastic in her job.

Melinda doesn’t stop dreaming her dreams. That someday there will be a cure for Parkinson’s disease and she will be reunited to her family.

The end.



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