The Light Within the Shadows

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Where is She? I can’t find Her anymore. Looking into those blue eyes that stare back at me, I am confused. They are dull. Empty of life. The light is gone.

Receded into the shadows. The corners of my mind. As far away from the empty space in my chest as She could run. My heart is the proud owner of a black hole. Threatening to engulf my love. My hope, pain. My body, life. But it has swallowed Her already.

Those eyes are not Hers. She is hiding deep inside me. And there are so many places for Her to disappear. If I lose a few more pounds, maybe She will be easier to find. Without the extra baggage hanging on my body, maybe She will emerge.

But that is not the answer. The baggage belongs to Her. Suitcases filled with Her fears. Love, pain. Her hopes. And light. That light that belongs to Her. That light that has disappeared from those big blue eyes. That light that has left me in a world of shadows. And that light that I hope, with everything left of me, will return to my own eyes. And my own life.


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