My Day of a Hospital Stay

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Well, well, well I have a story for you about my stay in the hospital next week.

I am going to have a Total Hip Replacement next Tuesday and Man o’ Man am I scared. I keep looking at things that for some reason or other seems to be directed straight towards me. Even if it is something on the television, or to read my email today that has to do with going to the Hospital and something going wrong.

It was about Hospitals Going Bad in the Operating Rooms. I said now why did I have to see that? Why now? Is somebody upstairs trying to tell me something? But, what I read was that Hospitals have the most tragedies at night. I said to myself. Thank God I’m going in the early morning and how bad I am feeling for people who enter into the hospital for surgery at night. I guess what I am really saying is how lucky am I “HOPEFULLY.” I have told my son and Sister where my life insurance policy is and how I don’t want my son to just grab things because I have a Man Friend who is very caring, and who does everything for me.

My son has taken me to my doctor’s appointments a handful of times with fingers left over if you know what I mean!!!!! He is my only child and it seems to me as if he really does not care much. My insurance is made out to him. I think about my friend a lot. Should I put some of the insurance in his name? But, I guess it’s best the way it is. It’s getting close to my due date, (as if I’m going to have a baby) ha ha ha. 

I can’t sleep well at night and I can’t take sleeping pills. It’s time for me to slow down on the eating habits. So, what else is there to do? Oh I can watch movies or something on television only to hope not to see another show about operations or something with hospital scenes period….

OK, well, until we talk again.


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