My Recovery

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I am a recovering addict. I had yrs clean than relapsed. My fiancé died from liver failure. A couple months later, I decided to get help.

I went to detox and eventually rehab. I was bloated from a bad liver when I got to rehab. I was weak and sick.

I was alone after I got out of rehab. I didn’t much after care support. I didn’t have a driver license so I could not have gone to a meeting if I wanted too. 

For years, I have mentioned the lack of re-entry system for recovering addicts. Most rehabs tell every one just go to meetings. I am not against meetings but don’t believe it’s the only way to recover.

I have Asperser’s syndrome (a high-functioning autism spectrum disorder). Groups are very difficult for me.

For the few months of recovery, I just worked on getting better physically. I didn’t start working out until about six months clean.

I improved physically little by little

It’s three and a half years later and I am much better. I have to do this DMV supervision program to get have my license back.

I mandated to meetings. I had no way to get there for over a year and had to have someone sign my sheet.

I still do because meetings are very difficult for me. I was not offered any other options. I do most online.

I have to take care of my self since I can’t get health insurance, because of a false diagnosis nine years ago.

One company turned me down cause I went to rehab. I got help and I am clean and have changed my life yet they punish me. I was never asked to show proof of rehab completion, which I have.

I work out three days a week and do cardio almost every day. I try to eat well.

I help other addicts and want to do prevention work again. 

I just wanted to share recovery is possible and their is more than one way to recover.


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