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New Scientific Discovery

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Many members of the Catholic and of the Orthodox church attacked me when I told them that God is revolted with their hypocrisy. Nobody believed me when I told them that through dream interpretation according to the scientific method we can have a direct communication with God.

I was cured because I obeyed the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces our dreams. My religious education for having studied during twelve years in a Catholic school helped me recognize the unconscious divinity. I succeeded in having sound mental health only because I translated all my dreams during a four-year period. Otherwise, I would probably become schizophrenic like my father.

I discovered that we are born with a tiny human conscience. The biggest part of our brain is satanic because it belongs to the primitive side of our conscience: the terrible anti-conscience that provokes mental illnesses and mental disorders within our human conscience. All our dreams are important messages that protect us from its evil influence.

In order to prevent and eliminate all mental illnesses we have to follow the saintly guidance of the unconscious mind in our dreams, and the religion in which we believe. All religions were created by the same God in order to transform our satanic nature into human nature.

We are crazy from birth because our human conscience is underdeveloped, but we can become even crazier if we acquire a mental illness.

Many scientists attacked me when I told them my discoveries, after continuing Carl Jung’s dangerous research in the human psyche through dream interpretation. However, the truth is that we are absurd demons, and God tries to transform our evil nature into human nature through dream messages.

You can verify by yourself that these messages contain undoubtable wisdom. They show you what is good and what is bad so clearly that you have no doubts that this is the absolute truth.

Many scientists were attacked by many people when they dared reveal to the world the results of their discoveries. I’m not the first one.

I’m a scientist who had to become a doctor due to a moral obligation, after discovering so much. I was only an ignorant literature writer.

My ignorance proves God’s existence once more. If I wouldn’t be guided by a superior mind, how could a young and ignorant literature writer like me discover the primitive side of the human conscience?

It was humanly impossible to discover the anti-conscience because it is too powerful. It provokes dizziness and hallucinations within the human conscience when we manage to discover its existence. There is no way we can bear its attacks at this point, without being dominated by craziness and despair. The fact that I survived without completely losing my tiny human conscience, is a true miracle.

I had to discover the truth in order to prove it to the world. Now everyone will completely eliminate their anti-conscience and transform it into a positive component of their human conscience through dream therapy.

This is how we’ll put a definitive end to terrorism and violence on Earth. Humanity will live peacefully and happily, learning, creating, and constantly evolving.


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