The Origin of All Mental Illnesses

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After precisely following Carl Jung’s steps and learning how to accurately translate all dreams according to his method of dream interpretation, I could continue his research. This was how I verified the unlimited power of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. At the same time, I discovered the existence of the wild and primitive side of our conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human side.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is an independent and superior mind that proves God’s existence. When we learn how to translate the meaning of our dreams, we understand the wise and saintly unconscious guidance, contained in the dream images. All dream images have a symbolic meaning, and all of them contain hidden messages.

Today’s scientists are atheistic and refuse to analyze metaphysical phenomena that they cannot explain. However, the truth cannot depend on the limited knowledge of our historical time. I will explain why you can trust the unconscious mind that sends you important messages in dreams, so that you may understand why you must obey the unconscious guidance instead of doing what your ignorant human conscience desires.

Your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. In order to completely develop it you must transform the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience) into a positive component of your human conscience. This means that you must acquire consciousness, learning what exists in the dark side of your psyche. Only this way will you manage to control your behavior.

All mental illnesses are originated by the anti-conscience, which easily manipulates our conscience by using our ego as an idol. In other words, it makes us believe that our ego is a god. It makes us think that the ego is sacred and must be respected above anything else.

We believe that when we defend our ego we defend ourselves, because the ego represents us. The anti-conscience takes advantage of this impression and turns our “self-defense” (when we defend our ego) into something sacred. However, the ego is only an idea. It doesn’t represent our entire personality and our inner self.

Besides this fact, one person cannot be more important than all humanity. We must care about our entire well-being, instead of caring only about fulfilling our own desires. On the other hand, the world cannot agree with our personal desires and work in a way that would be favorable to our plans. Therefore, by considering our ego as if it was a god, we accept absurdity.

If we’ll do what our ignorant and one-sided conscience dictates, we’ll constantly try to fulfill the absurd desires of our ego. Thus, we’ll become marionettes of the anti-conscience that wants to destroy your humanity.

I provided treatment to patients who suffered from grave mental illnesses, observing their behavior for years. In the beginning, I had to face true despair without any progress. My patients were very aggressive and didn’t cooperate with their psychotherapy.

Only after showing patience and perseverance for at least five years, would I finally manage to convince them that they could trust me. Many of them had committed serious crimes, which they did confess to me. However, they held back much information and were not completely open and sincere about their experiences.

Thus, I verified that when the anti-conscience manages to destroy our humanity, it leads us to terror, violence, immorality, and despair. This is how it manages to imprison our human conscience into the labyrinth of craziness, and completely controls our behavior.

The wise unconscious mind sends us precious messages in dreams in order to prevent this tragic end. We need constant protection against our strong wild side, until we’ll completely eliminate it through dream therapy.

This means that in order to protect your sanity and evolve, you must always follow the precious unconscious guidance contained in your dreams. Never do what your ignorant conscience desires because it doesn’t protect you. It simply defends your absurd, stupid, and ridiculous ego.


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