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Overcoming Depression

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When you are immersed in depression and feeling desperate, there is nothing that can help you if you won’t decide to fight against your weakness. You may react with apathy in the beginning and conclude that you have no courage at all, but at a certain point you must build your resistance.

You cannot simply disappear as you may desire. You have to be strong and forge ahead; even if you have no courage at all. This has to be your first basic step toward recovery. You have to decide to fight against the depressed feeling that keeps you down.

Life goes on, even when you have serious problems, or when you are passing through very painful experiences. With time, you’ll manage to find a way out of the horrible situations you are in.

You believe that there is no solution to your problems; however, you have not explored all your available alternatives. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is going to show you how to find solutions that you have never thought about.

Your second step toward recovery must be the occupation with the meaning of your own dreams. They contain precious messages that will help you develop your intelligence and overcome your depression. Dream translation is very simple today, because I continued Carl Jung’s research, finding answers for all the questions that he could not answer. I also provide many explanations about the psychological world of our minds.

Simply write down your dreams in a dream journal, and keep a corresponding diary of your daily thoughts and events. Study my lessons about dream interpretation and translate your own dreams the same way you translate from one language to another. When you translate dreams, you translate images that have a symbolic meaning, into clear and simple words that you can easily understand.

Your third step toward recovery is acquiring a wise and healthy attitude toward all life challenges. Think about the process of your evolution as a difficult trip where you have to cross an entire desert until you’ll find a beautiful oasis where you will finally rest and enjoy life.

Nothing is easy but dream therapy can help. After passing through all the necessary adventures, joys and tribulations in your life, the results will be extraordinary. You will transform your personality and become a mature human being. You will understand the real meaning of life. You will know and understand much more than you do today, reaching levels of enlightenment that you cannot imagine.

When you are in despair you feel like you are trapped in a desert, but remember that there is an end. The condition of your suffering is temporary and you will find salvation ahead. You will find the courage to go on.

If despair dominates your thoughts and you cannot believe that you have any power, remember that you are not alone. You have the support of the unconscious mind through your dreams. The dream messages will guide you all the way, and you will develop all your capacities.

You are in fact a very strong creature, even if you feel very weak. Your inner power is endless. You’ll verify this truth once you completely develop your intelligence. You only have to trust the unconscious wisdom, and follow the guidance you receive.


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