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PCOS and Metformin

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The first week, I had horrible gas pains. The second week it was diarrhea. By the third week when the vomiting began, I knew I could not take Metformin, also known as glucophage, anymore. According to my gynecologist, Metformin would regulate my missing periods, clear up my acne, and decrease the hair growing in places that I did not want it to. Instead, all I got was a steady stream of horrible reactions that left me weak, tearful, and depressed.

I had heard my doctor’s warning of possible side effects but, really, who listens to those? If there was a wonder drug that was going to help me, I was determined to take it; so determined that when my adverse symptoms started, I ignored them. But by the third week, when things got worse, I began to feel betrayed. I was angry at the internet articles, angry at the blogs, angry at my neighbor who had taken Metformin and been fine, angry at my doctor. It seemed that there was no cure for me, no easy road to regular periods or losing weight or nice skin.

When I first learned about Metformin on the internet, all the news seemed very positive. It was the wonder drug for all women trying to get pregnant or for those of us trying to combat the symptoms caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Women who had never had a regular menstrual cycle suddenly were regular as rain. Women who had been trying to have a baby for years suddenly were having twins. How I wished that were me … but sadly, it was not.

As it happens, I had another neighbor who suffered from some of the same symptoms of PCOS that I did. While out in our yards one day, she asked me how things were going with the Metformin and was not surprised when I broke down in tears telling her how horrible I felt. She, too, had suffered from adverse reactions to the drug and understood my frustrations. She suggested that I try a more natural solution that would help give me a total body and mind makeover. The treatment she used was called the Insulite 5 Element System, which combines diet, exercise, vitamins, addiction/cravings awareness, and support components to help reverse insulin resistance. Insulin resistance—the root cause of PCOS—causes the body to improperly utilize insulin making it unable to convert glucose to energy and causing hormonal imbalance.

Today, I am feeling healthier than ever. I understand that in order to combat PCOS I need to eat a low carbohydrate diet, take multiple supplements, and exercise regularly. I have learned that when I do not do these things, I start to feel sluggish and my body slips back into its old bad habits of growing unwanted facial hair and gaining weight at warp speed. Despite the work it takes, I can tell you that I am a much happier person when following the Insulite PCOS System. It sure beats taking Metformin and suffering from its debilitating side effects.


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