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Psychology Study: The Subconscious Mind

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Sigmund Freud discovered that we have many hidden desires, which are not accepted by our conscious mind. He could detect the existence of a subconscious mind in the human psyche, which works based on our sexual instincts and is affected by our existential traumas.

Carl Jung, continuing Freud’s work, managed to practically enter inside the human psyche thanks to his research in its unknown region, through dream interpretation. He could decipher the meaning of the confused and enigmatic dream images. He verified then that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which works like a doctor. The unconscious mind shows us in a symbolic form all the causes of our psychological problems.

Afterwards, it provides us with psychotherapy, helping us solve these problems.
Even though Jung realized that the unconscious mind is an excellent psychotherapist, he was afraid to completely trust the unconscious wisdom. He thought that the unconscious mind was also responsible for generating mental illnesses within our conscience. He justified the contradiction of his conclusions by believing that the mental illnesses worked like punishment for those who were immoral or evil.

Jung also justified his contradictory conclusion for believing in the possibility of the existence of a moral that wouldn’t be based on what is good or bad. However, all our actions are either good or bad, depending on their results. If we cannot discern what is good or bad we will be absurd.

I continued Jung’s research from the point he had abandoned it, discovering that the unconscious mind is only wise and saintly, and only cures all mental illnesses and mental disorders. Its main concern is always to prevent craziness.

Mental illnesses are generated within our human conscience by the anti-conscience, the wild side of our conscience, with the intention to control our behavior. We have to follow the wise unconscious guidance in the dream messages in order to eliminate the anti-conscience’s poisonous influence. This is how we will get rid of all mental illnesses and mental disorders forever.

Therefore, the subconscious content discovered by Sigmund Freud, which was better analyzed by Carl Jung, could finally be completely discovered thanks to my research. I managed to continue the work of two psychotherapists because I precisely followed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and works like a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Recognizing my obvious ignorance since I was only a writer, I obeyed with cautions the unconscious directions without disagreeing with its wisdom. For two decades, the unconscious mind obliged me to study the content of the anti-conscience (subconscious) while curing many people through dream therapy.

I concluded that we will never manage to win the battle against craziness alone. Only the wise guidance of the unconscious mind can save our mental health from the constant attacks of the powerful anti-conscience.

There is no human doctor capable of forever eliminating the danger represented by the loss of our conscience, the same way that there is no human doctor capable to restore the lost conscience of patients affected by grave mental illnesses.

Our doctors may try very hard to find solutions, and perhaps have a few positive results in some cases for a certain period of time. However, only the unconscious mind can miraculously cure all cases without exceptions. Only the unconscious mind can surely help everyone prevent craziness before even having psychological problems.


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