Behold the Top Five Essay Contest Finalists!

UPDATE: Congrats to Teddi Ginsberg for winning DivineCaroline's first ever essay contest! We loved your story!

We received an overwhelming number of wonderful stories celebrating the quarterlife and the crises that can sometimes come with it in response to our first ever essay contest. Determining the five finalists was no easy task. The five writers below penned beautiful, wise, and witty stories about overcoming obstacles large and small, taking risks, and tackling the growing pains of life's transitions. 

And now it's up to you to vote for you favorite! Read the five finalists' stories below and cast your vote by "liking" your favorite on Facebook. (Use the Facebook "like" button at the top of your story of choice.) The story with the most Facebook likes by midnight October 19, will win placement on our homepage and a $100 gift card.

Congratulations to the finalists, Meg C., Ms Brooks, Meredith Fahey, Jessica Wellington, and Teddi Ginsberg  and good luck!

Quarterlife Crisis Party Finalists
1. On letting rom-com characters stay fictional: "Leaving Bridget Jones Behind" by Meg C.

2. On taking big risks: "Quitting My Job with $2,000 and a Prayer" by Ms Brooks

3. On how a sudden breakup and a celebrity death catapulted this writer into a new life: "The Day Heath Ledger Died" by Meredith Fahey

4. On growing up and aging gracefully, even in the face of illness: "Hot Flashing with Mom" by Jessica Wellington

5. On giving up on arbitrary deadlines and timelines: "25 Is Not the Loneliest Number" by Teddi Ginsberg

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