Got to get it back...

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My groove…that's right. I've got to get it back.

There was a certain feeling I knew when I was in high school. Although I'm only 26, I seem to have forgotten what it was to have a little fun. This evening, Shawn worked until 11 pm. I packed up the wedding pictures, went to my mom's with a friend, and had a girl's night.

When I came home, I got on my Arbonne Nation Call. The call inspired us to do "fun" spa parties for the Autumn and Winter months (like Hot Cocoa Bars and Mimosas with Muffins). After the call, I shared a very comical wedding picture with some girlfriends via text, and laughed until I about rolled off of my bed. When they had to go, I put down the phone and headed into the kitchen for some J-Lo. I began to do what I used to do quite well, let loose and enjoy the music, enjoy the moment. This was fun.

Whatever it is that makes us lose that happy spirit, it isn't kind. I know we must mature, learn, grow and change, but a little bit of pure fun should never be compromised. Even if it means just laughing like you're sixteen and dancing around to J-Lo in your…

Enter Husband.



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