Not Where I Thought I'd Be

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Their are times when I feel pangs of regret. Ok alot of times I feel pangs of regret. I am thirty one years old and have no career. I work as a cashier at a job that doesn't bring me happiness just a paycheck. So how did I get to this place? Well I guess you could say that when it came to choosing a career I could never make up my mind as to what I wanted to do. One minute I wanted to be a teacher the next a nurse. However my true passions were always art and writing. I no sooner graduated from High School and immediately leaped into art school which proved to be a mistake as no only did I not get along with my wicked roommates but it just didn't hold my interest. Not to mention their was trouble at home with my mother being beat up daily by her boyfriend and I began to worry about her welfare. So I quit school and came home for a while. Then enrolled in business school in hopes of one day starting my own business creating purses.

That of course proved to be a disappointment and no job came of it. My mother then started nagging on me to enroll in Culinary School however I have never had any passion for cooking. You will most certainly find a lasting job with that field she argued. However I argued back that you have to have passion in order to succeed at something and I hate to cook so i would never be able to keep with it. Needless to say she never lets me live that down. Perhaps I have made some stupid choices and perhaps at times I have run away from my problems. However I know my passions and keep the faith that someday I will accomplish my goals. After all here I am accomplishing one by writing various stories. Now if I can save up enough for a sewing machine I can create my purses and market them.

If their is one thing I have learned from the many jobs I have had and from the mistakes I have made is that sometimes it takes a while for your dreams to materialize. Sometimes you have to have patience and even if that means working at a job that merely pays the bills but gives you the time to pursue your passion then so be it.


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