What's the Craziest/ Worst Job You've Ever Had?

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Tell us for a chance to win $300 and For a Good Time, Call… movie goodies!

Like most type-A, Gen-Y women, Lauren had her entire career trajectory planned down to the last internship, but when it doesn't go as planned, she's forced to find alternative ways to make ends meet. While she waits for her dream job in publishing, Lauren and her free-spirited roommate run a phone sex operation out of their New York apartment in order to pay rent. Hilarity and self-discovery ensue and their start-up ends up paying back in more ways than just quick cash. 

You should see For a Good Time Call.. (starring Justin Long, Ari Graynor, and Lauren Anne Miller) for many reasons—not the least of which being that the movie illustrates an important coming-of-age truth: If the publishing industry doesn't turn around, you can always become a sex worker. Kidding! Although the characters do make phone sex look like a lot of fun.

In seriousness, the real message is that the detours (even the ones that seem or are awful) on your way to your dream job can be surprisingly rewarding. And in some cases, like Lauren's, even more so than what you carefully planned for. So we say embrace the crazy, just-getting-by jobs! If anything, they're great fodder for your memoir or screenplay. (Hey, it worked for the writer of the movie who was actually once employed as a phone sex operator out of her college dorm room.)

So we want to know: What jobs have you taken that you never saw yourself doing? The wackier the better! Tell us in the comments for a chance to win big money! (Although probably not enough to quit your gig handing out fliers dressed as a taco.)

Here's how to enter: Tell us about the crazy or horrible job(s) you've had by commenting on this post and fill out the widget below. We'll pick a winner at random on Friday, September 21. 

In addition to a $300 Visa gift card, you could also receive these sweet movie goodies!

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