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Ramped Up to 300 mg on Gabapentin

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I am finally at the 300 mg level of the Gabapentin and not experiencing any headaches at this level. Thank goodness too, because I was beginning to get really tired of them and they finally subsided completely about a week ago, I guess, maybe longer. To be honest, I don’t remember when I stopped waking up with them because I think once you don’t have something happen, something that has always happened, you tend to not remember when it stopped. At least for me that’s true.

Feeling better, not being in pain, is a wonderful thing. Unless you have been in excruciating pain for quite some time and finally get relief, you simply can’t understand what it is like for someone to not have that constant pain. If you have experienced chronic pain and get relief, then you can understand or at least relate in some way, although everyone’s pain level is different, as is their relief level.

Life is better and I’m glad my doctor finally listened to me. He’s glad too because he nearly lost me as his patient. I don’t know if he realizes it or not, but I was this close to going to see the pain management team and getting all my narcotic pain meds from them. Fortunately, I did not have to close the door on this doctor, because I like him and how he and the staff treat me at his office. It’s a wonderful feeling going in there, knowing everyone who works there is happy and feels like they are being treated with respect.

The last “new” primary care physician I had was nice enough, but farmed me out to other specialists—something I abhor and would not fill my then prescriptions. Come to find out when I dropped him and started where I am now, he was retiring … he couldn’t have just told me that when I first went to visit him?!

My daughter and I have been on spring break for the past nine days and tonight it all comes to a close. Sadly, tomorrow I return to work and my eight-year-old returns to school. I’m certain both my husband and my father will be grateful for the household returning to the calm and quiet they have come to enjoy. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how they handle the noise and din of her and my talking, laughing and generally being girls once school/work is out come the end of May and we are on summer vacation! They may both want to go on vacation themselves, somewhere far, far away from here. We’ll see.

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