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On December 23, 2003, I had the unfortunate event of being hit by a car. I always joke that it was a nice Christmas present … it helps to joke of such a tragic event. I was at work and I was crossing the street, when I was struck by a vehicle. I was taken to the emergency room, and stayed there a while.  I was eventually transferred to the incredible Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). I thankfully didn’t have any broken bones, but I suffered the horrible condition of a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is what many of our soldiers are facing, and is as if the brain gets rattled around in the head. I had only been married for about three months, but don’t remember much the year prior to my accident, most of the year during, and the majority of the year after. I was in a coma for awhile, and when I awoke, it was like being reborn. I had to learn EVERYTHING again. I had to relearn how to sit up, hold up my head, use the bathroom, eat, walk, etc. I had to relearn many things that most of us take for granted, that we do everyday. I had only been married three months, so I didn’t recognize my husband.  I don’t really remember our wedding, along with our honeymoon. I barely remember the time we dated. The only recollection comes from notes and a journal I had kept.
My husband has been amazingly faithful and dedicated to me. He has had to adjust to the new me. That is a constant battle that we both struggle with. Thankfully, I think we are both doing pretty well with that.
I still have a difficult time adjusting to the world I live in, since I was “gone” for a few months, but it seems more like a few years, to me. I attended RIC, for about three months, and then I attended a satellite, for about a year. I suffered the unfortunate effect of severe depression, and I attempted suicide a few times. Each time, I got the message that it was not my time to go. God was telling me that it wasn’t my time when I got hit, nor was it my time, after my attempts. Unfortunately it took me some time, and quite a few struggles, to get the message. After RIC, downtown, I returned home to my husband, who wasn’t really sure how to care for a kid, which is what I became. I moved out of our house and moved back in with my parents, who lived a few blocks away. They had moved out of the house I had grown up in, and I couldn’t remember their move. So I had to relearn and readjust, to just about EVERYTHING. I eventually moved back in with my husband, and now work part time at the high school, that I graduated from. It has definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride. I have luckily found a nearby support group, which I attend almost every Wednesday.


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