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Receiving Divine Guidance Is Easier than You Think

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Psychic and spiritual tools are the key

What if there was a secret “on” switch you could flip in your brain—and whenever you turned that switch  “on,” you’d access a direct connection to the Divine?

That’s right—you’d dial up a back-and-forth, two-way communication between you and God. You’d instantly link to One/All or whatever name you give the ineffable, infinite energies of the Universe.

The truth is, you can.

Simply by switching yourself “on” through psychic and spiritual practices, you can access Divine guidance that is crystal-clear and easy to understand. That means guidance you can see, hear and interpret as easily as any everyday “earth” communication.

No crystal balls, turbans or Ph.D.s in metaphysics required!

As you might imagine, this kind of hotline into Source can come in pretty handy when you’ve got important questions on your mind, such as:

• Am I doing my life’s work? If not, how can I start?

• Am I with my soul mate? If not, how can I find this person?

• Am I moving in flow? If not, how can I get unstuck?

• Am on the right path? If not, what’s my next step?

• How can I heal from past hurts, pain, anger or illness?

• How can I learn my soul lessons?

• How can I open my earth heart?

• Chocolate or vanilla?

And so on.

Best of all, accessing a direct connection is remarkable easy to do. I know this, because in the spring of 2008, I had a spiritual awakening or “opening” during which I received The 33 Lessons, an intensive experience of channeled writing that begins “the purpose of life is soul growth”—spiritual teachings similar to A Course in Miracles or what Neale Donald Walsch received in Conversations with God. At that time, my psychic abilities also opened fully.

The term I now use is adult-emergent, but when this strange “opening” was happening, I didn’t have a name for it—all I knew was that a whole new slew of information was coming in; stuff I’d never seen, heard or experienced before! More importantly, for the first time I was living in flow—in total communion with the energies of the Universe.

Today, from my practice, research and the Divine messages I still receive via channeled writing, I’ve come to some new understandings about God, the Universe, energy, and the awakening that happens within each of as we journey to conscious awakening, including:

• Direct connection with God/All/One/Source is not difficult, tricky or available only to a certain few. It’s so simple that anyone can do it—you just have to know how.

• Psychic development and spiritual awakening are so intertwined, they may as well be one and same thing. In other words, if you travel down the path of psychic development long enough, you’ll become a conscious spiritual being. Conversely, if you travel down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you’ll become a conscious psychic being. It’s a tandem bike. Two peas in the same pod.

• Receiving Divine guidance will change your life.

• Manifesting or co-creating with the Universe is effortless with direct connection.

• You can reach direct connection from many paths—through psychic practices such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeled writing and so on. Or, through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.

In fact, becoming a channel or receiver of the Divine is as simple as opening your “windows.” Here’s a partial explanation from The 33 Lessons:

“…This is one way we reach you. We find a place where there is a window or an opening through some person or community, and we open our window so there is connection between both. We are not able to connect with you when your window is not open. We ask that you please open all your windows! We have much to tell you!…”

Still not sure how psychic and spiritual development overlap? Well, people talk about hearing the still, small voice of God. I’d like to point out—that’s clairaudience. Folks describe seeing spiritual visions or prophesies—that’s clairvoyance. Folks talk about trusting the “vibe” or “gut”—that’s clairsentience.

The Divine has made it so easy for us to receive guidance, information, comfort and help in every moment of our day! All that’s required is that we choose to connect—that we pick up our personal psychic/spiritual cellphone, dial in the Universe, and ask to receive.

Once you know what receiving looks, sounds and feels like, your life will become illuminated. And from the first moment you experience this luminous, sacred, amazing connection, you will become transformed.


How to receive Divine guidance

Making a direct connection with the Divine and receiving clear, specific information is easy. Here, 9 simple steps:


  1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, and enter a state of light trance—similar to what you’d experience in prayer or meditation.
  2. Once in trance, open your “window.” to the Divine. To do this, simply ask to receive.  For example, you might tell yourself in your mind “ I’m in trance, and I’m here to receive from the Divine.”
  3. In your mind, ask a question that you would like the Divine to answer.
  4. Wait for the answer to arrive. Remember, you’re most likely to receive information psychically—i.e. via images in your mind’s eye (clairvoyance), spirit guides or angels (clairvoyance and/or clairaudience), words in your mind’s ear (clairaudience) or feeling and emotion (clairsentience). Usually, you’ll receive an answer while you’re still in trance; sometimes, it will come later.
  5. Remember that psychic information is subtle, and often symbolic. For example, if you ask about whether a relationship is healthy, and you see an image of a lemon in your mind’s eye, or view the word lemon, or hear it spoken in your mind’s ear—you’ll understand this relationship “is a lemon"—in other words, it’s sour, not good for you.
  6. Once you’re done receiving information (take as little or as much time as you need) simply say “thank you’ and come out of trance. You may feel blissed out, floaty, emotional—having a direct connection with the Divine is big stuff!
  7. You’ll receive Divine information as clues or "strands"—in other words you won’t get all the pieces of the puzzle all at once. Come back later, and ask for more!
  8. Follow the guidance you receive! The more you can trust and act on Divine guidance, the more you will live in a state of flow with the energies of the Universe.
  9. Each time you experience direct connection with the Divine, you are transformed—your heart opens, your body is healed, and you are filled with the bliss, love and comfort that comes only from Source.


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